Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Existence

"I'm not depressed, in fact i'm relishing my sweet slow existence. Im thinking about moving to the place where the winds don't blow.

While waiting to go there I look at a block of wood out by the stream in the unmowed field, i'm considering carving it, but can't bring myself to do it so I leave it alone, it's easier that way."

A note

"I've gone for a walk, I've decided to walk to the moon, by the time you read this i'll probably be somewhere in between, neither at the beginning or end. I'll send you a postcard from there. Hugs S."

It doesn't fill a gap

Well i have 10,000 photos from the last year – and i never really look at them. And then my camera broke.

Friday, April 29, 2005

Almost a day off

I almost have a day off tomorrow, almost. I worked today, it was the last day - and my last pizza for a while... at least pizza with falafel on. And quite possibly have a place to stay, quite possibly. Hmmn, that's about that, going to watch Scrubs now for 20 minutes and sleep, what else is there to do in these potently (as in painfully and strongly) pointless yet oh so busy days eh? - what to do what to do...wel it doesn't matter anyhow.

I just wrote this on Tom's blog

Hey dude, go where you gotta go and do what you gotta do, there's nothing worse than being somewhere you don't want to be, doing something you don't wanna do, until you find that that's everywhere

And now i'm going to sleep

Thursday, April 28, 2005

Sigh + World RAM installing record beaten again!

Finished work a little while ago, i'm very tired. I am going to see another room tomorrow night, it's from the beginning of June until august and kinda cheap and near the town, the last room was just too far away, it took me half an hour to get there (so it would take me over an hour to get to uni everyday if the trains drove at the same times and all that) but it was too far away, and as the minutes passed on the bus out there my heart sunk deeper, it reminded me of outer north Moscow, in a bad way. It was just so grey and desolate, the flat itself seemed really cosy though, it's just i couldn't face living so far away.

Utilised an awesome deletion programme today (for completely erasing all contents on a hard-disk) which is available freely as it's awesome opensource - "Dban -Boot and Nuke" - it was highly efficient for mass data destruction! (More efficient than putting it in the microwave, though that would have been more fun, i have experience with that you see...;-)

Man, i'm tired right now, i got another free pizza at work today, a pizza (like a margherita) with a greek salad on, like lettuce, tomatoes, black olives and feta cheese and Tzatziki, it was rather nice actually, and tomorrow will be my final free working lunch pizza, i wonder what kind it'll be? I'm feeling pretty stressed, the next month could possibly the busiest of my life, but then again, i'm always busy Being, and I'm going to just be Being, the next month, the same as usual, it's all kinda meaningless really.

Though today i did further my RAM changing world record...

This is a RAM block, it consists mainly of sharp plastic that you have to push on to "install it" and it hurts your fingers, but no pain no (memory) gain...

Working a lot seems to take my mind off everything else

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

A very long day generally

I worked, therefore i am tired.

Sleeping 5 hours a day is, as i have discovered, non optimal. But i'm survivng so what the heck.

I just went to look at a room, and is was ok, so i think i might move out there, it's about 20 minutes away from the centre of Kobenhavn, but i can live with that, i mean, i'm living about 20 minutes away from the centre of Kobenhavn now so....and Ulla came and looked too, you know what they say, 4 eyes looking at a flat makes it twice as good ;-)

And that was my day, and yay, i ate no pizza today, instead choosing a greek salad (though admittedly i had a side order of fries...small side order though, oh the joys of food as part of my job)

I also think that i have changed RAM more times than anyone else has ever now, so maybe i'm a world RAM changing record holder, and installing operating systems... i've done that about 100 times over the last few days, though my friend christian sometimes runs linux and has a similarly high tally of installations under his belt (hehehehe), now i must go and eat beans on toast for optimal nutrition, and try and smile and stop feeling that everything is so pointless even though i know it all is.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

I ate too much pizza

Yes i did... a deep pan falafel and gorgonzola pizza... and i feel sick still like 6 hours later. And i'm tired, and i reinstalled like80 mega-g'jillian computers with a certain evil operating system. And my eyes want to close. Probably will get to sleep today sometime early. Two people rang me today about flats, i have to ring them back about them and arrange when i can meet them, yes that's a good idea it sure is... and apart from that I'll get somewhere to live possibly for the first time, of my own, for almost a year, which might be nice. I hope. Maybe, actually it's quite stressful thinking about it, so i'm going to stop for a little while and concentrate on feeling sick after eating too many falafels, definately no pizza tomorrw.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Sleeeeep and Wiki political policy editing

Man, i'm tired, i got up at 06:20 this morning to head to work, yes work i said.

And a long time afterwards i got home after an incredibly productive, in the classical working sense, day.

And now i'm going to go to sleep, but i did find a sweet idea today, about wiki based political party manifestos, as the Green Party of Canada have and relating to britain a site which allows for the commenting (which is open to the public) on the political manifestos of the running political parties in the upcoming election there, at, this is a sweet idea, allowing for a fuller discussion process of policies, which will hopefully lead to political parties backing up their statements with facts...

Well and that's me, I posted some links to Hub33 relating to these.

And now off to sleep so that i hopefully can absorb all the precious information before i forget it or something more drastic (the likes of which i can't possibly imagine...)

Sunday, April 24, 2005

A few days off...

Been out in the sticks for a few days, away from cities and traffic, away from my computer and away from pizza places... and now i'm back slightly relaxed and as ready for a full working week starting tomorrow as i'll ever be, i have to take the train at 07:11 tomorrow morning - so my joyous week actually starts pretty soon so i'd better get to bed (early, for like to first time ever, and by ever i mean at least in the last 2 years or so!)

I've been reading some interesting stuff about Taoism - very simply explained over the last few days - it's quite calming. Here are a few examples - Taoism

Friday, April 22, 2005

My Birthday

So, my Birthday, i'm 22 on the 22nd, that happened to Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov Lenin, many years ago, as I share the exact same birthday as him (well exact as in on the same day but he was born in 1870, i coincidentaly was not), in fact a few other things happened on my birthday, like in 1913 Pravda was first legally published in St. Petersburg and the awesome bassist Shavo Odadjian of System of a down was born (in '74)...

Well my not eating chocolate promise of yesterday has been postponed until tomorrow as i received a package of chocolate from my mum for me birthday! (and ate it all...)

The rest of the day i have not really done anything. :-) but i've done what i most wanted to and talked to Sam

and now to the pizzaria! (again)

Thursday, April 21, 2005

No more chocolate...

Twas the night before my birthday, and all round the house nothing was stirring, not even a mouse... that's mainly because i'm staying in a concrete tower block, it's a long way up (the 5th floor) for a mouse to be, but yes, it's my birthday tomorrow, and no i ain't got any plans...(but i do have some semi plans, involving telephoning etc) and as it happens there definately won't be any hanging out in Christiania tomorrow as there was a machine gun shooting, that pretty scary, i was on a walk over by there earlier on and decided to go back "home"(it was getting cold) i'm rather glad i did now.

I ate much chocolate today, even some british Dairy Milk, that the ever wonderful Siobhan brought some back from London for me! (super thanks! ;-)

But now having tasted the good stuff again, i resolve to stop eating chocolate, i've eaten it almost everyday for about 3 months or so, and from tomorrow i want to stop. (at least from eating it everyday)

I rode randomly about on the metro today, getting off occassionaly and walking to the next station, then going somewhere else, until the sun set... all the while listening to Air's Virgin Suicides Soundtrack, which is unbelievably melancholic and i find simply the best sunset walking music.

I'm chatting on messenger with someone i really want to talk to ;-) so i'm off now.

I found a cool background as well, the Moscow Metro Map - - it brings back old memories of finding my way around there! I lived up by Vladykino, see if you can find that one!

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Kung foo fighting at a group meeting!

The day started of like any other, in as much as i woke up and had to take the train somewhere, which these days happens most days.

And then there was a group meeting...where over numerous hours half of the project on Scenario Planning (half of what we have at the moment) was completely reworked, with new beautiful words and wonderful functioning sentance structures implimented woohoo, and the rest we'll do tomorrow...(not so woohoo ;-) )

But then Janus and I went out into the arena (our uni building was built during the mid-soviet period (the 70's) and as at this time gladiatorial sports were popular in the soviet union (where our uni building was flown over from, yes it's made out of concrete) and thus the building reflects the style of the period, a concrete square with the 4 corridoors (though some say there are 5...) surround the grassy plain in the centre, where many sporting events have occurred over the years (group football matches to the death, ninja star throwing competitions etc...) but today it was the scene of an unprecedented Kung foo battle between Janus and Myself.

Basically we kicked each other in the legs until i dealt Janus a death blow (that i learned in South America in an epiphany whilst meditating on top of a volcanoe, well nearly the top of and sleeping not meditating...), that blow involved his cardio vascular system almost stopping as he lay wheezing on the ground (in fact it was not a "blow" as such more of a i ran around him until he got tired and gave up) It was a worthy fight though. ;-)

So here we are playing football...argh! a nuclear bomb went off! (the light)and thus my team won, i'm on the right surviving the blast...(but we'd have won anyhow)
"So here we are playing football...argh! a nuclear bomb went off! (the light)and thus my team won, i'm on the right surviving the blast...(but we'd have won anyhow)"

And that was that, oh and i bought some amazing Danish Blue beautiful super tasty cheese and my life for today was complete. ( i didn't want to make the cheese sound so great, but it's a sub-conscious response relating to my internal-desire-structure...honest, if you don't believe me then i'm sure Vin Diesel will and then i won't care if you don't there...)

And there's a new pope (yes get all your news requirements right here!) and he's incredibly right wing and german...(hmmm, that rings a bell) Hopefully he won't rule for a 1000 years or anything... ;-) by the way this is kinda backed up...

"As a boy, Pope Benedict XVI was a member of the Hitler Youth in Germany" - from

Great a fu*king Nazi pope

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Essay handed in..and extreme tiredness

Well my procrastinations paid off, I finished the essay and handed it in a whole 15 minutes before i had to, look at that for timing, i must have started at just the right time...and yes, the title i fianlly chose was - The art of Procrastination - an essay that took me a while on Sartrean Negativity - which i find amusing (in-itself)...(though i'm sure it doesn't find itself amusing as it has no reflective consciousness...anyhow)

To celebrate i utilised my month pass for the train to go to the bakery Ulla works and to get a free delicious cake, but instead i got a free pizza and a marzipan thing, which was ultimately delicious and utterly filling.

Mmmn Marzipan, one day i'll go to Lubeck, the home of day...maybe in my dreams when i collapse in a minute... i signed my essay of at 6:06am this morning and was up around 9 to get out to Uni, though presently i am disturbingly awake, oh well maybe i'll shoot Nazis for a while on Return to Castle Wolfenstein it be sweet i tells ya!

Maybe on second thoughts I will sleep though...

Monday, April 18, 2005

No new pope today... and Sartre

Well, just a short entry, i'm still writing my essay... been procrastinating all day and this is what i get, but then again i work most optimally when i go on an all nighter...

Sigh, no new pope today when will the suspense end

Anyhow only short like I said...

Three men walked into a irishman, a columbian and Vin Diesel. The irishman bought a pint of Guiness, the Columbian a Corona and Vin Diesel bought an appletini. The irishman turned to the Columbian and said, "you should be drinking guiness my friend", the columbian replied "no no amigo estas cerveza is the best". Vin diesel was asked on his opinion. He turned to them both and removed his incredibly cool black sunglasses and the density of the look in his eyes consumed them both - the end...the moral of this story is, Vin Diesel isn't funny don't mess with him - The gospel according to Vin (before Matthew in original bible translations)

Sunday, April 17, 2005

RE: The Vin Diesel thing...I can't stop making these up!

Christ it's so sweet... i can't stop pushing F5....These are some of my own..

Vin Diesel once took a dump that was so dense that it converted the centre of the earth into anti matter which consumed the entire universe...twice.

Vin Diesel invented the mobile telephone but now regrets it everytime a phone rings during one of his movies

Vin Diesel once drank two cups of tea in a row... without milk

Vin diesel once made a phonecall and forgot who it was he was calling

Once upon a time Vin Diesel killed hansel and gretal, then went on to the witches house and ate it.

Vin Diesel started a blog, updated it to often, got a repetitive strain injury in his wrists and had to go on prozac because of the pit of despair he lapsed into after realising he couldn't update his blog so often or the doctor would kick his ass.

Vin Diesel actually programmed the Linux kernel but didn't want the publicity

After buying a train pass Vin Diesel realised he didn't need it as he can fold space/time

Vin Diesel can't stop making up lies about himself in an attempt to hide his shodowy past

Vin Diesel is afraid of candles because he's scared of his shadow

Vin Diesel once ran out of toilet paper, swallowed his pride and pulled up his pants...

I really should stop now...(Said Vin Diesel when he was killing a baby)

Why stress

You know what… everyone is obsessed about stopping their procrastinations, and i felt like this was optimal until only a few hours ago, but now, upon reflection i know that my procrastinations reflect my choosing of the optimal path for me in the now. For example, rather than thinking of all the things i should be doing, i should think of all the things i AM doing. Think of all the things that i have done whilst procrastinating (relating to other things i “should be doing”), like only yesterday for example i found out the difference between a wood and a forest, and today i have updated my blog and my list on 43 things, and talked to people on messenger, and drank more tea than usual, and looked out of the window a lot… and it’s really these things that give existence purpose rather than things imposed on us by contemporary societal boundries (deadlines etc). We should do things for ourselves which at the same time are things in themselves, not making a cup of tea to delay starting something else but just simply making a cup of tea. This will be at the top of my mental (and cyber-physical) list of things to keep up. I’m proud of the things i do whilst procrastinating.

ps: in the spirit of Procrastination... Vin Diesel Facts... I submitted this one: Every Friday the 13th Vin Diesel dons a hockey mask and takes to the hills to start a Revolution ;-)

This one I just found on there it's so sweet it's making me kinda laugh/cry - Vin Diesel has no umbilical cord as he's never had to rely on anybody but himself.

The art of Procrastination - The essay thats taking me several days on Sartrean Negativity...

So, it's friday the thirteenth...wait no it's not, it's Sunday the 17th argh!?!?!?!

Urgh... i-feel (new from Apple...) like crap, well to be more precise like i have assumed the role of a giant cocktail shaker and had numerous cocktail ingredients poured into me and got shook about all night in a busy bar until 6am... (by shook about read danced spasmodically Robitically, a dance style that involes lots of random "painful-the-day-after movements...) Well that's my story then... I'm supposed to be writing an essay on Sartre, but instead I came up with this sweet title...

The art of Procrastination - an essay that took me several days on Sartrean Negativity...

Which i'm very proud of. The party yesterday was a joint birthday party held by my friends Rikke and Stine. It all started around 7pm when i began my public transport journey to meet up with my peeps in the wrong side of town... after utilising buses, metros and my feet (the journey involved a pleasant walk through a park listening to Air's beautiful album "the virgin suicides" which is subtly pleasing around dusk..) anyhow, when i arrived too late to help make the food but just in time to eat it, my peeps were there and the party was owwwnnn, we ate a splendid omlette discussed Cybernetics (and of course what is the difference between a wood and a forrest, which i even went so far as to write an article about here so a thouroughly pleasant time was had by all. Rather late on, around 11, we headed over to the large social gatering also known as a party...almost as soon as i got there this mega drunk guy started to get all pissy with this other guy and then it was like "you got a problem with me?" - "yea i got a problem with you" (and repeat x10) then they went outside repeated it some more until they hugged and came back inside, yes it was exciting, oh so exciting. After mucho random speaking and dancing and drinking it was all of a sudden 6am and I couldn't find the metro (ps, thanks for the taxi lift June ;) ) and as i alighted the metro at a stop further away than i had anticipated the sun began rising and i felt stragely melancholic yet happy, like a 6.5 out of 10 happy... And that was yesterday (and part of today) and now i'm procrastinating by writing this and not doing my essay!

Friday, April 15, 2005

Falafel-ing - a new Verb

It's mega late and actually: 02:37am local time (which is only for local people...)

Another long day, started with my attendance of a phd defence seminar type thing (though that was of course preceded by the inevitable train fun so that i was 10 minutes late...and had to wait in a scary nothing town called Hoje Tasstrup where everyone looks strange), my group supervisor became a proffessor/Dr. today so, anyhow, the "examinators" (read as though it said Terminators) were very scary, alost as scary as the hillbilly guy yesterday... anyhow, one of them looked like Hitler, spoke like Hitler, gesticulated like Hitler (i've seen triumpf des villens you see...) and by this it was obvious that he'd had some sort of Gestapo/SS training..."you see Ja, that you use this word Experimental Ja, but it seems to me that you do not understand it Ja..."

But our supervisor passed anyhow, and none of us were killed or anything, so it went quite smoothly. To celebrate (well it is/was friday) we drank big ass beers outside and sat on the grass, yes the beautiful now defrosted scandinavian grass! Several beers/games of table football later (alarmingly i'm not getting any better at it) it was time to head to Copenhagen for some falaffel action! And action we got after an exciting train ride I now cannot even remember we almost ran from the station to the kiosk to spend all our money on crisps and more beer, awesome. These snacks were shortly followed by pizzas, I had another one of my last-week-newfound favourite pizza's, gorgonzola and falafel, Christian consumed what can only be described as the black mans edition of the falafel roll(...), Julie and Julia were content with normal falafel based products (though Julie has a scary ability to consume vast amounts of Jalapeno peppers without even thinking twice about it...).

a mountain of falafels
"a mountain of falafels"

The experience of waiting all day to eat a falafel..., eating said falafel and feeling sick after eating said falafel is a process known as falafel-ing.

After the food and several hours of going "urgh I ate to much falafel" (thus completing the falafel-ing circle) we headed out to El Dubliner, the Mexican Irish bar that i just made up, in Copenhagen (the dubliner for those of you not fluenty bilingual...)...Christian and I rode the S-train (like the metro but shittier) and there were several very very drunk guys there, looking all smart and they were so cool, Christian and I considered idolising them until we saw one of them urinating in the bin, through the push flap. Then as our hearts sunk as we were forced to realise that these guys were retards (hehe), we alighted the train and headed to the bench outside the bar...While we sat there contemplating our distinct lack of money and finishing off our by now very warm beers (well Christian and I anyhow), we came to many conclusions on life, far to profound to publish right now...We finally headed inside and drank the girls leftover beers...while listening to Alive Band (yes it was a live band called "Alive Band" so clever just so clever) and after a while when the atmosphere got to stuffy we left and headed to the hood to take the metro back to freedom (not the station). On the way I felt that i needed to make a difference in this world, so i picked up someones fallen bicycle, conveniently placing it in the middle of the street so that they could more easily find it later and then a girl asked us (Christian and I) if we had prior experience putting on bicycle chains, well, i smartly replied, "I've tried once before", cleverly concealing my masterful expertise at the art of putting chains back on (i must have done it 3 or 4 times, a lot of experience). It was soon taken care of and we were on our was the girl who wasn't on her way before we passed her.

"I Cheated on you...with myself, i mean i waited until you went home, and then i just slept with myself..." - It was also decided that that would be something funny to mention to a girlfriend heheheheh, well it's funny to me...

Sigh, now i'm having a headache, longing for some cancer causing fizzy drink and hoping that i'll be 110% clear minded in preparation for my planned essay writing day tomorrow.

What did I learn today? - "Don't be afraid of the S-Train, it'll find out and only treat you worse, one must overcome this pre-rational fear in order to slip free of fear once aboard - be one with the S-Train and it'll be one with you" - Suzuki, these Zen monks certainly have a way of capturing the moment and making things relevant...[sic]

S-Train, like a metro but shittier
"S-Train, like a metro but shittier"

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Let me tell you a little story...

Danish lessons, group meetings, brain-deadness, cafe sitting in... well this day's had it all...

But i think the scariest thing that has ever happened to me ever occured earlier today, around 17:42 in fact... where my peeps Thomas and Christian and I were boarding the train to Copenhagen... let me tell you a little story..

It was approaching dusk, the air had been close all day, an oppressive pressure normally unnoticed became apparant, we all knew that today was a day where bad things can happen. The first thing that went wrong for us was Christians sending out of an email containing our entire project so far, 3 times this needed to be done before the correct version was sent out and that was the start of what i will henceforth call "THE DAY OF DOOM!!!"

No sooner had christian cocked this up, then the department printer stopped working!!! This delayed me so that i left 40 minutes later than i had planned, but as Christian had lost a file on his computer that we needed the 40 minutes were filled with intense waiting for him while he looked for it.

Finally we were underway, onwards to the train station we declared without thinking twice about whether or not anyone heard us declare it, and upon arrival there was Thomas, who had left our meeting what now felt like several hours previously, after laughing at him for missing the previous train we boarded the one that we were now forced to take due to our immense bad luck regarding printers and file partitions etc... only to find, to our horror, that the train was full of people, and that it was one of those crappy old slow trains that you always hope you don't have to catch and wonder when it is they'll finally take it out of service and start using those new trains they've been talking about for years, anyhow, back to the people situation.. what to do what to do what to do... there we were, just 3 people looking for a place to sit in this small world and a place to sit we found after going through a few cabins "scouting" out the possibilities. That was when we saw it, the perfect place to sit, 3 free seats in a four seat tabled area, and there was only a guy looking out of the window in the other seat, perfect we all thought simoultaneously, as we spotted it. Christian was the first to move, with his panther like slick movements he sat himself down, almost unoticed, the first blow was dealt, Thomas and I followed suit. It was only then that we noticed that the 4th wheel was Ginger, and deformed in a hillbilly kinda way. (for those of you who have seen the film "wrong turn" you'll know what i mean, for those of you who haven't seen it it's crap and don't watch it just to know what this guy looked like, it's not worth it.) anyhow, we thought that we could befriend this ginger freak, perhaps he's a friendly genetic mutant we telepathically discussed but no, he just got up, looked all pissed off, grunted and left. And that's the god honest truth there, i'm laying it down like it was. It was perhaps the scariest moment of my life, but yes i survived to take the slow train another day.

To recover i sat in several cafes with my friend Katja, though i once again couldn't find Cafe Retro even though I rang Janus and asked him where it was (he didn't know either) And now i'm here, wrting my blog, thankful that i survived this day.

Soon i will watch the latest episode of South Park and my journey will be complete, then i can sleep knowing that i achieved something with my day, Yes I sure did.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Transformer Test and some Real Ultimate Power!

I took a which Which Colossal Death Robot Are You? test and I discovered...
Brought to you by Rum and Monkey which is totally awesome.

I got the following message! - Scowling wilfully towards Autobot City, you're Megatron!

Look in a mirror and feel the evil. Then eat the mirror. You eat mirrors for breakfast. You are a badass death robot. You busted on Optimus Prime. You. Are. Megatron. Go outside and burn some animals, because you're worth it...

Try it out and see which colossal death robot you are!?!?

Check out This link too from The Hub33 (the wiki based site I and my peeps create and maintain and invite others to contribute to!) there are some totally awesome links about Real Ultimate NInja power amongst others!

Hmmm, Hypothetical Logic anyone?

So a busy day at Uni survived... and no table football today :-(

Had a group meeting, learnt a lot about Logic, though I also learnt that Logic premises are based in a now sense and it is difficult to have "true" argumentation when we, for our project are in fact dealing with premises that are purely hypothetical. So there's a conundrum for you, so that's what i've been up to together with my peep Christian.

What unknown realms we are diving into, i wonder how many trailblaizers(...) before us have worked in the field of hypothetical logics! - none i'd hazard a guess at. Well maybe no-one has written about it in any case anyhow.

Now i'm trying to guess when sam's birthday is, it's a trap i walked into myself (Don't ask me when your birthday is though ;-) - So, when's my birthday?) I've guessed wrong twice now, though through logical deduction I only have three alternative dates left now...and i'm guessing it's on the 7th!


Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Post Derrida Lecture Contemplation...

Well, after what is now several hours of post lecture contemplation...(and table football competitions) I add a little post-note to the previously posted post on a Lecture on derrida...

One cannot stop the use of supplements, as people come to enjoy them... and therefore their use continues.

Derrida states that "There is nothing outside the text", though a possibly more correct interpretation could be "there is nothing(-ness) outside the text."

The world is there,outside the text, it is pure presence - we use language to supplement nature... so language is both a supplement AND fundamental. -it could be argued that all things are both nature and exterior simoultaneously. Everything and Nothing at the same time.

So there is something outside of Derrida's "text" - nothingness. This nothingness can only exist outside of the text as there is everything inside it, both the text is reliant on the nothingness and the nothingness is reliant on the everything-ness of the text. - thus derrida is caught up in his own statement.

What is the purpose of Communication?
It is the oral transfer of meaning from one mind to another - this is the logocentric epoch. So by writing this i am moving outside of the logocentric epoch ;-)

Preknowledge and Context gain importance in oral communication - over written as written can expand itself by adding preknowledge before an idea is commenced upon.

So, if i read something out loud to someone... that written text is a supplement to the "original" (the spoken being the original) (though "thought" could be taken as the Original original), and by reading it it is a supplement to the supplement of the original (which could be seen as a supplement of the Original original)...thus it is 3 (or 4) times removed from "reality".

And those were my post lecture contemplations on Derrida (with several of my own ideas thrown in there.

Comments were made along the lines of the Zen perspective of Derrida, though this was probably not done intentionally. It's rather nice to be broadening my perspectives and being able to see similaritys in concepts and bridge gaps in concepts with other concepts.

So..Table football, J kick Christian and I's asses.. apart from when C and I joined teams and won, but only just, we will have revenge J, mark my words!!!!!!!

So while they are off hunting for food 9hunting in the vegetarian sense..i.e looking in cupboards) i'm updating my blog and "guarding" over all our things. (well all the things that we have with us.)

In a lecture on Derrida (well Derrida's critique of Rousseau)

Well, sitting here next to Christian and discussing many important philosophical things...
for example "Which do you prefer masturbation or intercourse?" - this of course being related to language, of course...

A little Explanation...

Rousseau condemns writing - the spoken word is a broken representation of the inner self, and writing is therefore a representation of a representation, (a representation of the spoken word) - thus...oral communication is seen as the fundamental form of communication - writing is a supplement of oral communication. If we could speak to someone face to face then that is the optimal form of Communication, but as this is not always possible then written communication is utilised as a supplement.

Rousseau claims that in order to know a person you have to be physically present with that person, another reason for rejecting written language, but in contradiction with this Rousseau states that he can only represent his "real" self in writing due to his shyness. A contradiction between his theory and his own life. (Derrida states that there are two voices in Rousseau's text, the Rousseau who condemns wrting and the Rousseau who claims he can only give a representation of himself through writing - this is a classical deconstructivist viewpoint/reading of Rousseau.)

(Though the advent of Modern forms of communication, such as telephony and real-time writting servives, such as internet messengers, which could be seen as bastard forms of communication, were not covered by Rousseau as he wrote pre-telephone)

So, back to masturbation...which do you prefer masturbation or intercourse? Now think of this as a similar question to the communication through language issue, masturbation is something you do when you can't have intercourse (as written communication is something you do when you can't speak to someone...), So in effect it's a supplement to intercourse (with intercourse being related to spoken communication.)...and well, Rousseau can't stop masturbating...(in both senses we have learned...)

A supplement is exterior to nature, yet we constantly supplement nature (writing, masturbating etc..) but it's when the supplement becomes a sort of nature that the "world goes upside down."

See, now it all makes sense. What a wonderful analogy...

Monday, April 11, 2005

Annoying Phillips crap and Giant Submarines

So a long day almost over and a short walk soon to commence, probably to a kiosk, and certainly to buy chocolate, and that's due to the intense unreleting hatred and anger i am currently experiencing relating to probably the worst piece of technology known to mankind being something I supposedly can listen to music on...

The devil himself has created the software that accompanies this piece de la shite and below is evidence for that...
La mp3 player el shittimo"La mp3 player el shittimo"

And here's Satan himself contemplating what it is exactly he can do to possibly design a worse interface programme...
"And here's Satan himself contemplating what it is exactly he can do to possibly design a worse interface programme..."

You see irrefutable evidence....

Sigh... don't buy an overpriced Phillips HDD060 ever! Luckily mine was included free with my computer...but it still pisses me off!

Stupid to be materialistic anyhow, stupid possessions irritating me!

Well, i'm off to buy chocolate, what did i learn today, well apart from the devil's involvement with philips i learnt that the Japanese developed a Super-Gigantic Aircraft carrier Submarine during the second world war, which is a fairly interesting thing to learn i say.

Sunday, April 10, 2005

Chocolate Aided Recovery

So, in but a few minutes i'll watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind again...I'm dedicating this film watching to someone special ;-)

I hope not
"I hope not"

I went for a long walk earlier, and found a place where they are building a beach, there was warnings about quicksand so one can't go out to the sea anymore, not until they are finished with building it anyhow.

Woohoo Lentils!
"Woohoo Lentils!"

I just finished eating a bowl of these, Lentils are awesome. I cooked enough to see me through until at least tuesday, and it's only sunday today. But it wasn't just lentils i cooked, oh no, it was rice, lentils, linseeds and spinach and i had a side cup of Green tea with ginseng root and ginger, so el ultimate food was consumed super healthy and it even tasted good. (that's a little advert there for my awesome lentil cooking skills...
step 1. fry the lentils and rice with some oil and a curry powder of your choice (i favour a tandori masala personally...), and add some salt and pepper,
step 2. boil the lentils, rice and Linseeds for about 15/20 minutes add some salt if you feel that way inclined,
step 3. add spinach,
step 4. eat and feel all good inside, it's like porridge but for adults.

Well that's been about it for today, a day of slow recovery after the trauma that is two days worth of work, much aided by the almond and dark chocolate bar I ate earlier ;-) so what did i learn today? That cooking lentils makes me feel good about myself! eheheh

Saturday, April 09, 2005

The day after yesterday...and don't play with matches ok

I sleep about 3 and a half hours last night and got up at 7 for work today...well yesterday, i'm pretty tired at the moment. I've just re-arrived at Ulla's. I feel sick. I finished work around 4 and sat on the beach for a while just there listening to the stillness with my peeps (I love that word), i went in the water for a little while, only just up to below my knees but the water was so cold i felt my feet cramping, it was slightly sunny today yet freezing, Janus and Christian had balancing battles, i sat those balance ain't so good (citat: "i fell out of a tree in the summer, and i ain't balancing again" - from the last time i had a balancing battle with Janus ;-) ). So after a time passed at the deserted beach we went and sat about in a cool "Cafe Retro" for hours, not really doing much other than sitting there and playing 2 games of table football, and then Stine and her friend came along and we all sat there some more...Then we headed over to some random bar ordered random drinks (we were in fact desiring bloody maries but alas, the bar had no tomatoe juice, or much of anything else, but it did have places to sit and that's always important on a saturday night) and talked about random things, at some point the "discussion" turned to lighting matches with one hand...with the pressure on I took my turn...suffice to say i have burn marks on my left hand where i indeed lit the match and indeed pushed it into my first attempt flew over my head and onto the floor behind me...unfortunately not setting fire to anyone...I learned today not to play with matches, or at least to only play with them in controlled enviroments. Went to the Ultra Irish Bar afterwards with El Christian, and then came back on the Metro Listening to Ultra Sweet Death From above 1979 far far far too loud, (damn my volume boosting headphones!)(I went to a concert of theirs in Cardiff, it kicked ass, it was so basey that it made me feel sick because of the smooth base vibrations)
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Sleeve
You're a Woman, I'm a Machine Sleeve

And now i'm back at Ulla's, missing Sam and feeling sick from having again waited 10 hours since i last ate and then eating 3 pieces of ultra dense rugbrod...

Sigh, and in my abject sickness induced misery ;-) i'm watching a film called "wrong turn", (I would put a link in here but it's just far too crap) which is supposed to be a horror, and it probably will suceed in making me even more paranoid, but it seems also to be terrible...and that's why i'm writing this whilst watching it.

The coolest job ever...and some info if you are considering drinking plant juices

I've just arrived "home" from my first day and my new temporary job, installing windows (the horror!!!) in Solrod, a little town south of Copenhagen, past friheden...(freedom in english, it's the name of a train station) My day started with an midday falafel roll, followed by a can of "Hustler" (TM) energy drink (it's a cool name);-) and a bottle of cola and a 40 minute train ride with my peeps Janus and Christian, down to Solrod to start work at 13:00 sharp.

Well the rest of the day i spent network re-installing windows, i manager to do so about well 25 times i'd guess... oh i've never pressed the F12 button so many times! (and i've also never installed so many ram modules either, or atatched so many keyboards...) in between installations i manged to drink 2 more 1/2 litre bottles of cola...4 cappucinos...and about 7 double expressos... which leads me still to my current state of, how can i put it mildly, alertness.

After work was finished around 8, the "dream team", as i heard one of our employers say...(i don't know if it was in referance to us though), were taken out for a meal... and this was not just any old meal no. This was the best meal I can ever remember having eaten ever. Even the Vegetarian menu was most optimal, including luxurious exotic vegetable types that a poor student living abroad can only think about dreaming of. (Like some kind of special mushrooms) and my icecream dessert was awesomo (i ordered ice cream and thought about you Sam :-) ) And the red wine, well, my main comment to J and C was that it indeed was the best red wine i have ever tasted, there was no chalky aftertaste at all, and my two incredibly large glasses of it complimented perfectly by the asparagus i had with my meal...

Sigh, it was truly luxurious food, the food of the bourgeois, and i ate it all for free, as a little side perk of my super duper new job that Lotte told me about (Thanks Lotte!!!)

And now i'm back at Ulla's place, wiser, with more XP installation knowledge than ever, and more hyperactive than i was when i left.

NOw in an attempt to chill a little before i sleep (i have to be in work tomorrow at 10am!!! and that's really early if i have to take the s-tog (intercity train) at 9 to get there (and then the normally 7 minute metro ride to get to the s-tog station i now how to count on it taking 4.2 hours so i have to get up really early!), i am going to play a little on a game Lotte found and now several people are playing (though i gave her the link to find the game in the first place anyhow, it's called Blip Blop and it looks sweet.

Anyhow, i have to get on with playing it or i'll never get to sleep.

And PS. I learnt this yesterday but forgot... if you find a plant that "looks" like aloe vera... don't cut it and drink the sap. Janus told me he tried on his green spiky plant, and that it tasted realy bitter, but then i wanted to try to see if bitter was the right word... 8 glasses of water later and a mouth rinsing with a local anaesthetic called Echinacea later... the "bitter" (read so disgusting i cannot find another word for it) taste went away. So I learnt not to drink fluid from strange plants in greater quatities if you don't have something that numbs your mouth close at hand.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

My Last day of Freedom!!!!!!!!

Well, what do i do on my last day of freedom, and what do i mean by "my last day of freedom", well, attended a danish lesson and read a chapter in a book, yes, on scenario planning, and then... I attended a poetry slam, which was entertaining through the sheer lack of quality... ;-) So what did i learn today, well that wrting a story about how you got drunk and got home from town just doesn't cut it as a top class poem, well i didn't really learn that but i saw someone else learn it which in this world of monkey see monkey do is almost the same.

Onto "what do i mean by "my last day of freedom""... well i mean that... I'm starting a job tomorrow, so my existence gains value as I utilise my "market value" to perfrom tasks such as reinstalling operating systems amongst others to earn a little to keep food on the table I share with several other people occassionaly.


This is how the voting was done at the Slam
"This is how the voting was done at the Slam"

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

One day the metro will work again...and Internal Logic in Scenario Planning

Yea, it took me a while to get to Uni and back today...In fact an adventure that if it had not been repeated for the second day in a row would have been the stuff of novels... 4 kinds of train i took to get to Uni today, changed 5 times finally arriving a mere 2 hours after setting off (though i did stop for a chat with my friend Marco...but i've included that time as it makes the whole story infinately more dramatic...)

Well apart from the what's going down?
A productive thesis group meeting culminated in the watching of
Sin City... hmmmn it was abrutally gory movie yet stunningly filmed.

I also ate copious amounts of Bread and Cheese...sometimes danish cheese is tasty, though personally i prefer mature Welsh cheddar, never can beat a good cheddar...

Addittionally in a late night (last night) inspired working session I came up with the following relating to Internal Logic and Scenario Planning

- Scenarios must have an internal logic in order for them to be scenarios in the sense that they are created by the method of scenario planning. Logics for scenario planners reflect the plots of the scenarios, and how these plots tie together the elements involved in the scenario system created. To explain the future, the internal logic of the scenarios must embrace the recognisable behaiviours of certain elements in the past, for example the relationship between differing political factions. The scenario's logic is made coherant by a process that incorporates the following, the driving forces, the uncertainties and the inevitabilities withing the scope of the scenarios being planned. Scenarios can also consist of several subplots, if these incorporated subplots intersect on various levels then then scenarios created are on the way to plausibility via their internal logic.

Now to watch the very latest Scrubs episode and to relax before I've gotta get up and do all my extensive Danish Homework...

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Back at Last...and a little Foucault

The Metro didn't work again today in copenhagen... yesterday it was closed due to industrial action, and today they couldn't get the doors to close...

Fingers crossed it'll be driving again tomorrow, maybe one day they'll figure out how to make it work efficiently, maybe one day before they finish building the rest of the Metro lines in 2900AD...but hey, it only took me about 2 hours to complete a journey that normally takes me about 40 minutes!

But in the "Confusion" my peep Christian and I had a chance to look at Overpriced I-pods and associated paraphernalia and curse people and their materialistic urges.

I also attended a Lecture on Michael Foucault that was fairly interesting, discussing his work "The Order of Things"

Amongst other things I learned why Foucault claimed that "...human beings have only existed for 200 years.." - That being mainly due to differences in the relationship between Language and things over the different Epistomes (Epochs of different relationships between language and things) -

Foucalt identifies 3 main Epistomes
*Renaissance - up until 1650 - No distinction between word and object
*Classical - 1650 - 1800 - Language as a medium for representation
*Modern - 1800 - (1900) - 1950 - Language has a quality, it's own internal logic determining human thought

In the Renaissance and Classical epistomes God was seen as the creator of language, therefore Human beings creating language have no place in these epistomes, therefore with the advent of the Modern epistome, particularly with Nietzsche's philosophy (Circa 1900 hence the brackets) the human being (as we know it) came to exist.

There as promised in the title a little Foucault

Monday, April 04, 2005

No "Sigh..." today!

I'm not going to be all melodramatic.. no no no, instead I am actually not going to Lament the time used up in non-productive ways today! I did read however about Orthomolecular medicine - which is quite interesting actually and there are actually links to some other articles on a wiki website that myself and two others founded and that anyone else who desires to can add to too... at - This link is to a sub section of the main site.

Now back to my studies - finishing off a book by Peter Schwartz entitled "The art of the Long View", it's on scenario planning a topic that i'm writing a second year University thesis about with several others.

Here's an interesting article by Schwartz if anyone's interested - Intro to scenario Planning

This post goes out to my peeps... you know who you are ;-)

My First Post!!!

Woohoo! My first post... now that my initial excitement has died down what is it that i really really want to say??? I think first i would like to lay down the three most important philosophical notions that i have created to maintain balance in my life:

Other people suck sometimes
Do what's most optimal for you.
you'll survive
"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre