Saturday, May 28, 2005

Return from Sverige


That's the sigh of a relaxing day in Sweden (or Sverige in Danish, or something else in swedish, it's hard to understand what they are on about over there really it is, norwegian is much easier to understand)

J, C and I took the ferry, awesomely relaxing, it was only for half an hour though..

"Another ferry kinda like the one we went on but not the one we were on because we were on it"

Got to Helsinborg in Sweden, sat about on some grass, breathing the free air, climbed up some stairs to the top of some old castle, watched an old lady shout at some girls because they were sunbathing, saw an old man feeding some birds which subsequently turned on him and ate him, looked for a bank - that was our main mission, sweden is a country that is big enough to have it's own money swedish money it's called - and we needed some to buy falafel, that was the main point of our trip, to taste swedish falafel.

""The view from at the top of the stairs, notice the small walkways on the roof, what are they for? really small roof-people?"

But in sweden one must forget rational thought... we looked in the center of town for a bank, but it was to no avail, so Zen master J said "think non-rationally and ye shall find what ye seeketh" (or something or other similar) so we decided to walk in a park to find a bank, then we saw one just on the other side. Awesome, so we got money, swedish money, to buy swedish falafel.

Then we spied the place that would receive our custom, a new falafel joint that looked sweet (by this point we were both famished AND thirsty, a dangerous combination when abroad so far away so far) We looked in another cafe, but it was expensive, but it did sell "Pimp Juice", which was seriously awesome (we deduced that it was in fact some sort of energy drink..) Anyhow we ordered a number 76. Falafel in Durum, with a can of soda on the side, simple enough we thought, but no... they have different numbers in sweden!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after several minutes of international gesturing there was a dude who worked there and another customer who understood danish and told the friendly girl who wanted to give us food that number of the thing we were ordering, (you see swedish people say numbers like in english seventy-six, whereas in denmark numbers are said six-and-seventy, oh the scandinavian confusion...J told me that swedes changed their whole language around just because it used to sound like danish but then that was annoying because denmark used to rule over them so they changed it, never envisioning days like today of cross cutural misunderstandings...)

So we were busy munching away on our awesome falafels, far superior to their danish cousins..and we found out that we also got pommes frites (chips!) with our meals...for free!!! awesome, could sweden be any better?!? no, no it couldn't...(i just mentioned to J about eating a danish falafel he replied "noooo not a danish falaffel - its gonna ruin the perfect bacterial digestion culture created in ur intestines by swedish wonder falaffel" - that's how awesome it was)

After the falafel time my vision got blurry, in a daze of wonder we stumbled across a Laser-dome... we entered, and quickly armed ourselves against any swedes who took a dislike to our presence...

Well actually we played air hockey actually, J and C both kicked my ass at it, then drew in a tense finale. The neon yellow and black air hockey table had never seen anything like it in it's 25 years of service since in the 80's (in sweden) when they discoved "neon".

Then it was back to the ship to embark on the once dangerous and epic journey back to denmark, in the terminal we were surrounded by swedes dressed in string vests and looking all goth who were only going to denmark to abuse the low taxes on alcohol there...we chilled hard on the way back, relieved that we had been to sweden for the day, and relieved that our tickets back were still valid...

"me chillin' on the boat after a day well done"

"C chillin' on the boat after a day well done"

And that was almost the end of the day, almost. When we got back to Helsingor, we thought about being there, but also thought about going to a cafe...

Kronberg slot, we thought about visiting, but went to a cafe instead..."

And the cafe won, J and I chilled in Roberts real hard, discussing the world and more and how today we will buy solar cells and and create solar powered things with our very own hands.

Friday, May 27, 2005

Going to Sweden going to Sweden la la la la la la...

I'm off to wonderful Social Demcratic Sweden!!!

"Swedish Flag of Social Democracy!


Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Just some thoughts inspired by a few questions i stumbled across whilst "taking care of Bolivarian Wales..."

Abortion: Personal Choice, if you want a baby it's not an issue, if you don't choose yourself. (see
Affirmative Action: What about Representative Affirmative Action
Arms Trade: It is not guns and weapons that kill people, it is greed that kills people. (Think about the people who manufacture the weapons knowing their uses.)
Death Penalty: Killing People is generally dumb, is it not much better to hit a rock than a person?
Drugs: Surely, if people were satisfied with life (I mean happy not rich enough) then this need would dissapate.
Economic System: Planned on a Local Scale. Localised Behaviour spreads. (Devolved power)
Education: Should be free and Universal, focusing on group work and shared knowledge.
Environmentalism: Again, is this not but a case of self protectionism, if it screws up then...or in other words, if we destroy or harm the biosphere, we are in essence committing suicide.
Euthanasia: This is a personal choice.
Evolution or Creation?: As an Agnostic living in the now, i'd say a bit of both.
Gay Marriage: a personal choice
Gun Control: Shouldn't it more be a case of fear control? If people were not afraid of other people with guns then this wouldn't be an issue.
Immigration Policies: See philosophy rule number 2, the effect is immigration., if we stop screwing up the world then...
Income Tax: Highy progressive income taxes initially until a wage cap could be put in place.
Israel/Palestine: Treat others as you yourself expect to be treated...
Philosophy: 1. Other people suck sometimes 2. Address the causes and not just the effects.
Political Party Affiliation: none
President Bush/American Policies: See Israel/Palestine
Religion: This is in the personal realm, an individual choice, personally i consider myself to be an Agnostic living in the Now. (that is myself as a part of the whole)
Social Security: This is an important part of any society, a strong social security system supports the population, it doesn't make them lazy or unmotivated.
The UN: A reformed representative UN where the countries with the right of Veto are removed, simple representative votes are made. UN representatives should be elected nationally by the population and instantly revokable, so that the UN would become more representative of the peoples of the world and not just their ruling political elite.
Veganism/Vegetarianism: In simple terms of transfer of energy it is far more optimal and therefore efficient to consume non-animal products as sources of our nutrition, in other terms why do we consider ourselves to be intrinsically worth more than other organisms? All beings ARE.
War in Iraq: There was no war in Iraq until it was plunged into a bitter revolt against it's occuppiers. This isn't the first time that the vulture has descended upon a far from dead prey.
War on Terror: terrorism - "The unlawful use or threatened use of force or violence by a person or an organized group against people or property with the intention of intimidating or coercing societies or governments, often for ideological or political reasons." from -(
Several countries need to take an outside-in approach. It's easy to bypass things when you only look outward and don't self reflect.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Bolivarian Wales

Did many important things today

* Posted a letter!!! (seriously it was years ago i last did that seriously)
* Bought Cola and Chocolate (if you misspell cola you get coal so easy to do)
* Looked at headphones (my other ones broke a bit, then i cut them up and tried to rewire them...goddamnit)
* Ordered a new money taking out card from the evil bank (have not had one since the time of year when people buy you crap...what's it called again... no the other one Xmas)
* Talked to people on messenger :-) (smiley happy people)
* Created my own Republic, this is what i'm most proud of...

"The People's Republic of Bolivarian Wales" can be found here...

My nations motto is:
"Man must be free of ideological dogmatism"

This being from The Abstract Conclusions Of What We Can Propagate section of "A Revolutionary Transition", that I wrote last summer, available as a wiki through that link.

"Bolivarian Wales's national animal is the Socialist Worker, which frolics freely in the nation's many lush forests, and its currency is the sweat of the workers."

After thinking a bit, Episode III wasn't terrible, just not that Dark which is where my dissappointment comes in. Imean Darth Vader could so have been ultra mega evil, he could so have enjoyed killing "younglings" etc... When I heard that word I almost shouted "Noooooooooooooo" too.

What is it with LightSabers and coolness anyhow, there are just so sweet and practical... I can't stop thinking about lightSabers...

They are just sooo practical

Sunday, May 22, 2005

StarWars Episode: Disappointing

A long time ago in a galaxy far away...

Count George Lucas started making the new episodes of StarWars in like '97, the evil trade federation should have blocked him, but due to his powers of Jedi Persistence the films started production...

20 years after the original came out Count Lucas had turned to the Computer Generated Dark Side and swept his way across the galaxy destroying credibility of serious scenes by putting stupid droids in them ALL the time without even thinking twice about it...

Well, i was expecting it to be a bit Darker i mean Darth Vader was in it, Darth Vader, the epitomy of Evil (and awesomeness) but anyhow...

So i made my own version, the script is almost as long and well structured and it concentrates heavily on character building it's called

Falafel Wars

Opening Scene, a small plaza with straw bales on blowing about, two make shift falafel and kebab stands draw up.... fade out...

(Fade in.. right on someones face...)-(Falafelman) "don't chou go a sellin' kebabs in maa hood biatch ratarataratarata

(focus own KebabStar)- "aw man, we all knows kebab is da best wicked phew phew phew

(they shoot each other with chili sauce guns in the eyes and stuff)

(Falafelman)ow that be hot you kebab flingin' fool phat phat phat

(KebabStar)- "come owwwwwwn you got chili on ma threads nigger"

(Falafelman) - "sorry dawg i got carried away"

(KebabStar) - "That's ok biatch, it makes like more fun if you get carried away."

(Falafelman) - "is that the point in life then me main man, to lose control?"

(KebabStar) - "I thinks life be getting all boring when everything (or what you think is everything) is under control, when you lose control over something isn't that when things get more interesting?

(Falafelman)- "i guess...only if your not causing trouble for anyone else"
(KebabStar) - "i don't mean like shooting people over kebabs loosing control but that where you could control something and then you can't like your mobile phone breaking, that drives you to get a new one, things get a bit drunk and loose control over your dancing hips they push creativity forward man"

(Falafelman) - "I dig it, lets toke a beer rasta"

The End

So deep so deep....

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Going to see StarWars Episode III

Man, i want a red lightsaber, that's my first really deep seated materialistic craving ever -

I am one day going to be like Darth Vader - <i>I'm just warning you all now</i>
"I am one day going to be like Darth Vader - I'm just warning you all now"

Now i'm off to see Ep.III in gloriously expensive digital format Super Wicked Awesome!

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Scenario Planning - We Finished!!!!!


"Scenario Planning - Practical Implementation of Abstractions is finished and soon it'll be all online! The front page looks like this!

Scenario Planning Front Page
"Scenario Planning Front Page"

Scenario Planning is a tool in which scenarios are used to help an organisation recognise and adapt to changes in its contextual environment.
Taking point of departure in well-established literature within the field of Scenario Planning, we investigate and scrutinise the method through critical reasoning, philosophical theory and logic to determine its strengths and weaknesses. In order for us to fully evaluate the method, we execute a mini Scenario Planning process within Roskilde University Center.
Post-evaluation, we find that Scenario Planning is a tool that has the capacity to optimise the decision-making process of any given organisation by allowing the management to make informed decisions in the now by taking multiple plausible considerations about the future into account.

Well, it's been a long few months yet interesting, and this is what we came up with. Thanks to me group Comrades, i've really enjoyed working with you all.

After hand in tomorrw at 11:00 then we're gunna party hard! (and watch Star Wars on saturday together!)

The end is nigh!!!!!!!!!!

Well, the end of the project anyhow! The latest version (version 20 or so) has everything in it, and i mean everything, so after someone else but me checks all the footnotes then it's finished! (well and some other minor things too) I slept semi-well on some cushions out at Uni on the floor, Christian and I have now been here for what feels like an adventure-esquely long time (like a week or somthing) and that's a long time, thankfully there are showers here and cushions from the sofas otherwise we'd be really screwed (and additionally beer). Well work to do chocolate to eat...

Sunday, May 15, 2005

A day up on the roof

Well... i spent hours on the roof of my department, looking at the clouds separate like cells when the wind changed direction, it was really beautiful, just the slighttest change in perspective and the whole world looked different, i really enjoyed being up there. I read the first two chapters in Ken Wilber's "A Brief History of Everything" whilst i was up there.

I really feel that i had a long productive day today. Only five days left of our thesis now and then a break, to read up for the exams and be visited by sweet people.

I'm feeling really calm and happy right now :-)

Being, being ballsingly tired

Yes, it's that time of the night again, the ballsing hour they calls it, that be 2am for the rest of ye that dont knows abouts it.

Man i'm tired, i didn't even drink any tea today, i didn't even think twice about it. But i did read the whole thesis through, and maybe now i'm going to read some more Wilbur..Ken Wilbur, he wrote a brief history of everything you see, it's so compact a book yet so dense with knowledge. But maybe if i read some now my cognitive functions will cease to be and i'd have to "live" in a persistnat vegitative state of awe forever or something similar, so maybe i should do some yoga instead, or some contemplation...

I'm sitting over from my peep christian, he be still proof reading, that poor bastard...

Well just so everyone knows Horse beans taste of nothingness coated witha shell of tasteless leather. I ain't going to eat them again i tells ya.

Well, im happy Sam's coming to visit me, i have somewhere to live, only a week left of the thesis, my examples are back in the logic section ;-) and there'll be a relief supply of chocolate and cola coming in in the morning. Awesome.

And that be that.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

The final week...and then i'm free! (until the exams :-(

Only a week to go with our group friday we have to hand it in, but we are aiming for thursday, so that we can have a cosy (or hyggeligt) party together on friday.

Man i'm tired. I slept at "home" last night, "home" being someother place than uni... but now i'm headed back out there for hours more fun ;-)

Well, apart from reading my ass off... and writing my ass off, and playing table football my ass off, well apart from all that i've not really be doing much.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

David Ike and the Giant Reptiles

I just watched a documentary about David Icke, a former BBC sports presenter who decided in the 90's that he was the son of god and later on that the world is controlled by blood drinking reptiles and now the jewish league have decided that he is talking about jews so have branded him anti semetic and want to burn his books publically and stuff.

Doesn't that just kinda "justify" to him that there is a big conspiracy where the world is controlled by lizards and they are trying to silence him because he is close to the truth
and now, because the Anti Defamation League has branded him "anti-jewish" Combat 1 8 attended one of his lectures around the world so it's a kinda self fulfilling prophecy

or a load of bolocks
anyhow, i know about it now to my profit or downfall...

See, by being fascist it just makes it worse. Silencing speech only makes the words perpetuate.

I had a dream....

I so had this dream not last night but the one before, it was awesome... well, i'll set the scene... I was in a huge lab, and there was a massive football pitch sized dish of agar, with slime mould on it, and several of us were observing it for signs of emergent behaviour, then when these signs emegered we would isolate the clusters to see if the emergent clustering continued when the critical mass was reduced, testing to see if there was a direct correlation between space and number of organisms, a population density question, is emergence related to population density? (and on what scale, i.e if there was a million slime mold organisms in the football field then would emergent bahaviour emerge? and what if there were a million on a table top sized dish? and could you isolate emergent behaviour and would it still be emergent if isolated?) It seemed like a fairly interesting research project that was going on in my head, maybe i'll start some simulations later on!

Uni Days and NinjaME

I'm sleeping out at uni these days, we are pretty busy with the thesis but it's all finished in a week or so (well handed in, then there's the exams etc...thoughts for another day though). The person who was supposed to rent the room to me cancelled it on tuesday... which made me temporarily hate the world, but then my peep Christian has an extra halls room so i'm going to rent that from him from the first so things have worked out ok. So i got me somewhere to live... for the first time in a year! About exchanging, well it kinda looks like it's impossible for me to exchange, there's some really dumb policies at my university that state that one can't exchange when in the first semester of a new study subject. The thing is you have to take a 2 subject bachelors...which means that both the semesters of next year will be the first semester of a new subject... but, what i can do is apply for a year course, at the moment i'm thinking of a special course in Technical and Socio-Economic planning, which is a mix of social sciences and natural sciences and it is up to me to choose the ratio of the mix, like i have to pass a specific amount of courses but they can be in what i choose, i also then can write a 1 year thesis in a small group so it might be possible for me to "distance" learn next semester. Fingers crossed.

And then i'm kinda - happy.

Yesterday was a long day, i wrote this late at night in an email to sweet Sam,

i've spent all day writing about hypothetically plausible things
that is things that don't exist but could
as opposed to things that dont exist but couldn't
- (and i did.)

This is what i could look like if i was a manga/ninja warrior in japan, it's hypothetically plausable
"This what i could look like if i was a manga/ninja warrior in japan, it's hypothetically plausable"

And i "discovered" a way of playing about with the text so i think it looks cooler, it involves making spaces in the text and lining letters up, it's no so cool in the harsh judging light of morning though :-( but that's still totally what i'd call real ultimate text power ;-)

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Yes, i was correct, other people suck sometimes

Yes, other people suck sometimes. The flat i was supposed to be moving into on the !st...well to cut to the point, i ain't going to be moving in balls, and i probably can't go on exchange either balls 2, and that's rather annoying, but i'll sort something or other out regarding both of them, so "I'm not really stressed, i just hate the world", as i posted on the poems section on the hub this morning.

But now i'm balanced again and listening to System of a Down's new album again, which with repeated listening gets heavier which then gives it kudos points as heavy is directly related to coolness, thus;
the heavier it gets = the cooler it gets
the cooler it gets = the more kudos points it receives
the more kudos points it receives = the heavier it gets


Anyhow, i gotta sleep and then get up and write some more Logic, i love logic, with all of my body (including my pee pee) ;-)

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Experimentarium is Awesome

Yes, Experimentarium was Awesome, i am proclaiming it form the virtual hilltops. I found out that i have an awesome blood pressure of 107/60 which is awesome, My Buddist/Taoist/Existentialist/Marxist-Leninist leanings and philosophical thoughts obviously, so obviously have something to do with that. Obviously.

So if you want to lower your blood pressure... you know who to talk to heheh

I've had an ultra relaxing day and now im eating the most nutritious bowl of lentil soup that has, does and ever will exist and if you don't believe me then you can refer to the recipe that's in the Q document

Here's some info about that Q document...
"If Q ever existed, it must have disappeared very early, since no copies of it have been recovered and no definitive notices of it have been recorded in antiquity..."

yea, that's where the "facts" in the bible come from...for those of you interested here's a link to an essay i wrote on it - Essay on “The Gospel of St. Luke”

Anyhow, with one count of blasphemy already accomplised today I move onto another now, to wach an episode of South Park...awesome

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Beginnings of emergence...

A relatively long day in a week of extremely long days... maybe I’ll study a combined course in International development Studies and Environmental Biology next year. Relating to both that future now and now, I worked with some writings on and by a certain Warren Weaver, specifically relating to his text entitled Science and Complexity from 1948. It's a recommended read.

"Certain aspects of science have profoundly influenced men's ideas and even their ideals. Still other aspects of science are thoroughly awesome." [From Weavers Science and Complexity]

Tomorrow I have a day off from the project, to relax and gather my thoughts, I plan to go to a museum in Copenhagen called the Experimentarium, which, I hope, will offer my mind a different environment for a few hours. It's quite intense focusing on Scenario Planning at the moment, possibly taking a day out doing something random will open my mind to new ideas so that I can be extra productive in the coming weeks.

But before all of this theoretically can happen I’ve got to sleep a little while so....

Friday, May 06, 2005

An Assingly long day

Yes, i had an assingly long day today, or at least it felt that way, but in a good way. It was tiring yet enlightening. And the conservative party didn't win the election, which is a bonus whatever day of the week it is. Though if there hadn't been an election and all the tories fell into the sea, that would also be a bonus, come to think of it, if Vin Diesel ate them all that would also be a bonus.

Right now, i'm so intellectually tired that i want to go to sleep without even thinking about it twice. And then get up and do it all over again until the sun goes down tomorrow.

Well, i just heard the new System of a down album - mesmerize, it ain't that heavy, it's a bit queens of the stoneage-like. And that isn't really a great thing, maybe it'll grow on me, like slime mould grows under a rock, and then one day i won't even notice it anymore because it's dispersed without any central command telling it to. (hmm am i comparing listening to an album to emergent patterns in single celled life forms? yes i am, and i'd do it again without even thinking twice about it.)

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What a long day

After an awesomely long day... my group have written four possible plausible futures for our universities, and it was fun as balls to do it...awesome.

Now it's mega late, i've been here 12 hours, going to eat some chickpeas (a vital ingredient of falafels) and pasta and watch a simpsons then my day will be complete. How awesome is that.

I got to write about what if the students were mega (and i mean ultra mega) engaged at my uni?
and that's awesome.

anyhow i need to eat, take a train for 1.5 million years and then sleep, get up and do it all over again. Awesome.

That word is my word of the day today, read more about it on AwEsOmE!!!

Monday, May 02, 2005

Life Goes On...

A long yet productive day. I feel neither happy nor sad. Maybe i'll stay here, maybe i'll go, all i know is that i'll think about it all when the time comes to think about it all, whether that's during daylight or at night.

And that's how it is now.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

At least the sun was shining and anti-anti-movements...

It's boring sitting about with a bunch of angry high school "students" that just bought some alternative clothes and go to youth group every wednesday night and have never done a days work in their life and "fight the power" by smoking pot and listening to punk music produced by the big capitalist firms that they are against - yes it's that time of year again 1st of May!

Yes revolutionary drinking spirit was all around today... sigh

Well here's a link to the theory that most were lacking in today

Anyhow, at least I had an enjoyable brunch with J and Julie and discoved that scrambled eggs on a pancake smothered in maple sirup does go well together.

Anti movements
I discussed this in length today concluding the following:-
In effect, by classifying oneself as someone against something else, you perpetuate the something else, you can't exist as you are, that is against something else without that something else exsting in the first instance. Take Anti-fascists, by being anti-fascist, firstly one recognises that fascists exist to oppose, secondly that they are worth opposing, thirdly that one wants stop fascism. OK, so by achieving your own goal, that of eradicating fascism, firstly you remove your own purpose, and secondly you are yourself being fascist by desiring to censure fascists. By "hating" fascists then you are yourself perpetuating their hatred, so in effect creating more hatred. It's giving fascists another social group to hate. Perhaps by advocating policies different to those of fascists and arguing for why those policies are more optimal without referring to fascist policies, that is arguing for your own policies-in-themselves instead of aguing against others policies, it would be possible to stop the acknowledgment of fascism though a lack of public interest instead of creating it as ilicit movement attracting people via this inherant ilicitness.
"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre