Tuesday, June 28, 2005

My Northern Voyage

I bought a Scanrail ticket today, valid for a full 21 days of Nordic fun and I have places reserved on some trains all heading North, as far north as trains run in fact, to a town/village/hut called Narvik in Ultra-North Norway. Its going to take an eternity to get there but i'm sure we will.

Some facts*:
1. Narvik is 1695km from Copenhagen (Kobenhavn)
2. Narvik is 2420km from the North Pole
3. Narvik is 739km from Nordkapp

(*Source: some random home photo)

After an inspiring conversation with a certain sweet person i know, i had an idea, that idea was forwarded on to J who approved of it and the resolution was made. Go to the North Cape or die trying!!! (yea it was a bit of a jackass kinda conversation with J)

Well, now are plans are fully hatched i just have to sit around until thursday and wait to go... well i actually have to move out of the cosy little place i've been calling 'home' for the last... 27 days. Its been nice being here, it really is a mega chilled area of Copenhagen.

Anyhow, i was supposed to go shoe shopping today, but after looking in one of those outdoor/adventure (what do they know about real adventure, all they sell is safety equipment), well, after looking in one of those outdoor/pansy shops we both whined and went for a falaffel. There (and in a cafe afterwards) it was resolved to purchase tickets and set out a rough itinery, which as present stands as follows...(though there will be stops in between and after, we don't really know what lies in between or afterwards so...we will at somepoint go Canoeing somewhere):

Narvik (Norway)--- Nordkap* (Norway)--- Helsinki (Finland)--- Stockholm (Sweden)

*(North Cape, the most Northern Land about)

The route is the red line

The tickets felt frikking expensive (they don't feel expensive but it was painful purchasing them), but i'm really looking forward to this.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

The Awesome Yes Men and People who just don't know when to quit

Went to see a documentary last night with J, called the "The Yes Men, basically it was about a group who were given the domain name http://www.gatt.org/ (Gatt being a major trade agreement) which is almost an exact copy of the World Trade Organisations homepage (i mean seriously check them out for reference, they are almost identical), and well some people get the two sites mixed up and email the 'Fake' WTO and ask them to come and give lectures and attend conferences, and well you know what, These "Yes men" actually go, and they give some of the most evil and facsict lectures that i've ever seen, about feeding our shit to the third world for instance as recycled mcdonalds burgers... and people actually buy this speeches and really believe that's how the WTO operates and thinks, it's genius. I'd thouroughly recommend this documovie. Their home page is - http://www.theyesmen.org/ - it's also seriously awesome.

This is their solution to loss of control over workers...he actually wore this at a conference and people bought it, rich powerful people

Apart from that, i had a day chillin' out on the beautiful industrial west coast of amager ;-) J and I actually did find the real Greenlandish embassy today, and the faroese one next door. We also explored an abandoned warehouse and ate a pizza, it was one almighty day.

And now, after waching an extremely crap Zombie movie called Undead and writing a few emails and reading about how there are settlers in a town called Sanur in Palestine, who will be evacuated under the Palestinean/Israeli evacuation agreement in like a month, well are preparing to barricade themselves in and not leave, thus forcing Jewish soldiers to 'attack" them. With such 'strong' arguments to stay as "We waited 2,000 years to come back home and no-one is going to take it away from us again." and "Only God is our boss. No-one but God can boss us around.", i just have to wonder how it will work out, it is amazing that some find land is more important that life, that being their own lives or the lives of others these persecute to gain that land. The article is available here via the BBC website -http://news.bbc.co.uk/

and now i'm going to sleep.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Some Advice i gave to a friend about Mexican Restaurants

the Mexican flag

Have fun at El Mexican, remember "Vegetariano" means that nothing died in the making of your food.

I'd recommend a Burrito Vegetariano, which due to 'Burro' meaning 'Donkey' and the '-ito' suffix meaning 'small', it's usually translated as a small vegetarian donkey... which poses numerous questions such as, "was the small donkey only feed vegetables", "do they really eat baby donkeys in mexico" or "did they screw up the translation?". Though its always a good idea to ask just to make sure.

NB. Con Carne, Con Pollo, Con Muerte, these are words the vegetarian should avoid at a mexican restaurant.

Also Avoid the words: Muy Picante; which to a mexican usually means that they want to committ suicide so order "more spice" to aid them in their slide off of the toilet and into a crap induced coma eventually leading to death via a ring failure.

Have a good birthday matey

Comradely Hugs Comrade_S

Thursday, June 23, 2005

It's over

The exam was yesterday and we all got 10 for "Scenario Planning". Which is great. That's that. Today i'm "free" in as much as i am not physically constrained to this country anymore. But what to do, what to do?

Any suggestions? - while i think about it i'm off to brunch with Miriam. It's a special day here in denmark today, a day where they make big fires and something about burning german witches...such a progressive "liberal paradise", just so progressive... ;-) (add sarcasm to the progressive comment and the liberal paradise one ;-)

Well gotta go to the Greenlandish Embassy (Christianhavnstorv) now (thanks for that joke Christina ;-) so i'd better get going, gotta take a untertog (s train) and then the ubertog (the Metro) afterwards...

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Looking out of the Window in 'my' room.

That's what i've been doing for the last few hours. The sun has gone down now. There was a man polishing the windows of the car just below earlier, he couldn't see me while i sat upon the windowsill legs dangling out over the abyss that lies below (i'm on the third floor), listening to Eric Satie with a candle lit beside me. I read for a while there, about Te. I feel really empty right now.

Te means virtue in action in Chinese, kinda doing that which you are good at - you could say inner nature. If you see that for example that one of your virtues is that you are funny, then when you are being funny that's being Te, doing that which you are good at, you don't even have to "know" what they are.

Looks like i've got a year off from Uni now, I'd just rather do something i want to in the next year than just study something i don't want to. Just have to wait until the thing i want to study is available.

It's not a bad thing though that i'll in all probablity have a year off. I'm trying to be calm and certain things just seem to be happening at the right times...it's the universe directing me towards something else ;-) (and i bought cheese and chocolate milk which always make me smile.)

Well back to my work on Complexity Theory.

"See simplicity in Complexity" - Lao-tse

I want to take this approach for my presentation. Observing the world as it is not as someone says it is.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Am i not procrastinating right now!

Yes, this is my most favourite hobby, and I love helping others procrastinate too! I have an exam wednesday so….i thought i’d update everything on 43 things! And it makes me happy!

Finding Value

"...philosophy[...]has no value unless it can be, and is, applied in one's daily life." - Benjamin Hoff - i read that earlier, and i kinda interpret it as "if it's pointless (valueless) don't do it" That relates to the Sartre qute running along the bottom of this page...I'm concluding that only I assign value to things in my existence.

The most pathetic person in the world is someone who has sight, but has no vision.
- Helen Keller

The sun's coming up, the birds are singing, the window is open the sky is so blue. I'm going to sleep now. I spent the day not really doing so much but being around my friends and talking to people i wished so much to talk to.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

4 days left until i don't know what i'm doing...

I just got in from a night out, well a few drinks in a few bars with Christian and Stine, it was cosy :-) I spent most of the day re-hashing my blog (see the new colour scheme though it ain't finished yet) and watching a Thai horror film called Shutter that was actually pretty scary and kinda had a Zombie in it. That was that. Now to sleep, though on a final note on the walk home from town there was a bakery open...so i bought me and C a pastry each and that was awesome. I have a presentation on Organised Complexity to write tomorrow, for the exam on wednesday... and like i said in the title... then i don't know what's going on, where i'll be etc.. maybe i'll go live in Canada, maybe Cuba, maybe Wales... i'll see.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

It was so worth doing!

Muhahhaha I have created it, the Uber Evil Plot Generator, i love learning random bits of code and putting them to good use!

It’s early in the morning the Scandanavian sunrise is not far away, the birds are singing and I have created something Evil! Muhahahha

Friday, June 17, 2005

Awesome sustaining my body without causing death

I did this almost 10 years ago, and i’ve never thought twice about it. It’s by far more optimal – I can sustain myself without causing harm to other sentient beings.

As Pythagoras Said:
“As long as man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”


Thursday, June 16, 2005

My Uber-Evil plot making Logic Machine and my Mao Shoes

"Ass Biting Killer Tomatoes devise a scheme to Join the British Labour Party under the stare of Captain Steve Zissou. The plot zigzags when the Ass Biting Killer Tomatoes threaten to break copyright laws and use a p2p network even after their demands are met, unless Winnie the Pooh can gain the courage to do the right thing and stop the Ass Biting Killer Tomatoes once and for all, whilst still remaining balanced. In the end it all works out though, the Ass Biting Killer Tomatoes die so painfully and quickly that the world forgets all about them and smile and hold hands instead of stressing."

That's just a taste of it's powers. yes yes they are growing by the minute, soon it will be online generating Uber-Evil Plotlines!!!

I had possibly the most relaxing/cosy week of my entire memorable life (i tend to forget what i've been up to every 3 months or so ;-) last week. I felt so chilled with Sam over visiting me :-) Now i sit up writing Java based Logic engines.... Sigh

Went to beautiful 70's Sweden again, such a pretty place. I wish I could have a mountain hut in Norway, made of wood, with a good internet connection... Random thoughts for random people.

Anyhow, enough i have to take the Solenoid out of the old TV in the hallway before i go to sleep, i still want to make things float via ElectroMagnetism...

I bought £3 Mao Shoes today as well, so at least now i can go outside to the shoeshop

Mao Shoes, just like Mao wore in the 70's

Friday, June 10, 2005


Hmmm... I just found out that the course i applied for doesn't yet exist and yet i can still apply for it to start at a time when it doesn't exist. Hmmm... So i suppose it is hypothetically possible that i'll be afull time student studying nothing and getting a bachelor in that. Which i think would be almost a first. Well... I'm having a stupendously great week and i ate the most awesome icecream ever yesterday a soft ice with chocolate edges covered in small pieces of liquorice, Sam had one with large pieces of chocolate, which was equally amazingly tasty. Ah, sweet summer, why ist thou so short? Anyway its my course's farvel (goodbye) party tonight, there's people slaving away makin food and preparing, i helped sort some music for the party, man the sweat was pouring off me... Anyhow, off to enjoy a day of wandering and being calm even though the bureaucracy of my university is tumbling down around me, slighlty dis-orientatingly yet if i close my eyes and hug Sam then i hardly notice it...

Ahh, in the middle of a field one finds a university fueled by the stench of bureaucracy...

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Return of the Hangover-iffids...and new methods of extraction of stem cells

Man, i got home at 07:30 or so...i think i've dislocated my head from my spinal column, because my brain stem hurts right now, really a lot.

Sitting out at uni, thinking about going out later with my friends again, maybe i will, i think i will, just not drink anything or i'll die...

Yesterday, when i was also hungover i made a little parody webpage Real Ultimate Denmark, which i had a great deal of fun making.

I went to a party in Hvidovre, it's so ghetto, and went to the most 80's disco thing EVER, it was seriously so eighties that i stayed until we got asked to leave just because i couldn't believe how 80's it was. hehe

Right about now i'm sitting up at uni, chillin' and nursing my brain stem injury back to health, the doctors say i will be able to dance again one day but that i should just take it easy for a little while...

Anyhow, i'm off to do something else, like try not to die or something...

Anyhow i read an interesting article on the extraction of stem cells from teratomas, which are like mangled up tumours which randomly occur in people, they look soooooo gross it almost makes me wanna puke everytime i see a picture of one, like imagine a lump of muscle cells with a tooth growing out of it anyhow, the thing is is that these are non-embryonic sources of stem cells and that neatly bypasses ethical issues with "killing" of embryos as these teratomas cannot develop into an organism. The article is on Wired.com at this address.

Saturday, June 04, 2005

The Day of the Hangover-iffids

I awoke, there was an acrid smeel in the air, a vague recollection of loud noises, flashing lights and yet now there was stillness all around bar the window flapping in the dawn wind...
What happened, why did i have an intense feeling of nausea? Had i realised the thiness of reality? No...I deduced that i was hungover...which also helped explaing my light wallet, the ringing in my ears and the pain in my body (from dancing, i'm getting old..22...)

Don't really know where i was, all i know that it was near stroget in Copenhagen. It's was quite cool though, went to a Ska concert and then partied on later to some nu-metal techno, my favourite being the Rammstein's "Du hast mich" remixed to be techno awesome.

Was out with Sigrid from Norway, Viktor from Sweden, Flo from Germany, Gemma from Canada and Yanos from Spain yesterday, they are all here for a visit, they were all exchange students one whole year ago so it was nice to meet up with them all again!

Today, i have been mostly doing nothing. Just eating yoghurt and honey and contemplating going to the late opening netto round the corner to buy something to drink and possibly some chocolate, then i just wanna watch a film. I saw Finding Neverland earlier, it was very sweet.

But that's the day so far...

if only evil mutant plants would take over, if only

Friday, June 03, 2005

Yesterday +1

So, another day refined to "...the dustbin of history...", as Trotsky would have put it, a fruitful day of key making, cheese buying, pizza eating, south park watching, bridge buillding, cake eating, tea drinking, wireles network setting up-ing etc etc etc..

Tomorrow i get to meet up with some old friends (not that they are elderly or that i've known them so long, but old friends nonetheless), possibly to consume things of alcoholic nature, possibly to be cosy, i'll see tomorrow which type of emergent behaviour emerges...

I got a new phone today...it's exactly the same as the other one i have (i've had one phone that works here and one for when i got to britain) now i have two of the exact same type, one that only works in britain and one that works in both places AND (thanks again Mr.Nikola Tesla, who invented the AND logic gate) it can be set to be in either Danish OR English, which makes sending text messages a breeze in either anguage. Sweet.

Msn, Dell suck, not only can C and I not find the driver for his wireless rooter online it probably wouldn't work anyhow (i men come owwwwnn Dell are a net based firm, they HAVE to put their drivers online, they simply have to...)

Anyhw, i could go on whine whine whine, whine, whine whine... etc, but i'll stop and go to sleep dreaming of the day man surpasses greed, or possibly of the System of a Down concert that i so dearely would like to go to on the 19th...to be lulled by their sweet bass riffs...

Goddamnit, gotta stop with the cravings, though i suppose that it's partaking in a cultural activity as opposed to buying crap i don't need to further fuel companies selling crap to people that don't need it.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

A new place

So i'm in me new place, just jacked into the net, talking to Sam on Miranda (like messenger but freer, in every sense), being tired, listening to Mozarts Requiem, with my bassy speakers (that i am reunited with at long last) and i feel calm. Had a day full of basketball with J, C and Thomas, then i shoved clothes in my rugsack, pretty much the same clothes as ever... packed my lapity top up, threw a matress into the boot of the car Ulla has borrowed off her mum and then drove over here to Vanlose, my home for the next 23 days or so until i go canooing with J in Sweden. (which i'm really looking forward to!)

But that's about that, i really should concentrate on something else right now, like doing Yoga

Virtual Life, Electromagnets and the eternal search for an Air-hockey table

Since I went to Sweden the other day i can't really remember what i've been doing...

hmm... I've been planning and researching building an electromagnet...connected to a tesla coil, connected to the mains... that would be one powerful electromagnet, so actualy i've been going to an electronics shop looking at equipment. Ah, i bought a soldering iron and J and I together resoldered my headphones and now they work again. I also went shoe looking for, but to no avail...my shoes hurt my feet when i walk...i have to walk to get to a shoe shop, i don't like pain.. so now i'm kinda house ridden...it's a viscious circle...;-) hehe, played pool the other night as well, the plan was to play airhockey, but the 2 places that we wished to go to, well, both were closed (or at least the hockey tables were out) and one, well there was a guy laying outside of it with blood coming out of his ear...

Been playing B-ball a bit with my peeps, J and thomas, chillin' out max, shooting some meatballs outside in da hood and all, physical exercise, a good cardio vascular endevour.

I Sat in cafes... drank coffee, and thought about the day after tomorrow (That being a metaphor for any time other than now). I'm ever so slightly confused about my future, and ever so slightly nervous. But i'm not frightened of what it will bring, just curious.

It's late at night again, i spent the evening drinking coffee so i can't sleep. I'm moving tomorrow, to Vanlose in north copenhagen...i wonder how it'll be up there, i wonder what i'll dream about tonight when i go to sleep.

I thought and talked a lot about the building of the virtual life, how one creates a username for each website service joined, has outlets for political thoughts, outlets for desires, outlets on ones day to day life, and outlets for any other information that one cares to output.
One "talks" to "people" on messenger, writes and receives email and so forth, but none of it is real, it is purely surreal, i can tell someone my immediate thoughts without them even being there and get an almost instantaneous response saveable for all time.

I don't really feel like writing anymore.
"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre