Saturday, July 30, 2005

travel insurance policy from National Express...

Set up another laptop today, congratulated a friend on getting into a course she's tried to get into for the last 5 years, which she finally got into today. I'm really happy for her. It rained quite intensively additionally.

Booked tickets home today. Lived in Denmark 3 years and 3 days and now moving on, if only for a while.

Its black out tonight. I just saw Batman Begins and i fancy that i see a lone figure gliding in the night, though perhaps it was just a plane landing, that would explain the flashing lights..unless it was BatMan's mobile phone and he just got a text...from Alfred...that his supper was ready...and it'll get cold if he doesn't come back soon...and it'd better be soon or it goes to the dog...(damn that Alfred can be mean sometimes...)

Well, whilst i undertook the serious task of coordinating the booking of coach tickets to carry me home from the airport (thus coordinating them with flight times, just so many variables...), i happened to read the Insurance policy available...well here's some extracts...[my comments are in italics]



For up to a maximum of ?1,000,000 [one million questions? What country has them as a currency?] for your legal expenses and legal liability for damages, arising from an accident that happened [that happened?, i haven't gone yet?!?!, is the service that bad? Is that why they only pay out questions? How are you etc?] during the trip leading to claims made against you for;

1. Accidental bodily injury to a person who is not a member of your family [so if my mum was there and i accidentaly chopped her arm off i'm not covered?] or household or employed by you [and i can't maltreat ALL my slaves and get compensation for them?]

2. Loss or damage to any property which does not belong to, is not in the charge of and is not in the control of you, any member of your family or household or anyone employed by you [so if someone else loses their baggage i am covered and can claim for it?]

and then there was more..

1. For fines imposed by a Court of Law or other relevant bodies [on a bus, what could i possibly do to get fined for on a bus?]

2. For anything caused directly or indirectly by; [directly OR indirectly? hmmmm, what about if i just thought about doing something and then it happened, is that covered or not?]

(a) liability which you are responsible for because of an agreement that was made [so i can make an arrangement to be robbed and they won't pay up?]

(b) injury, loss or damage arising from

i) ownership or use of aircraft [on a bus? so i can't take my harrier jump jet with me then...balls :-( ], horse-drawn or mechanical/motorised vehicles, vessels (other than rowing boats, punts or canoes) [but i can take my canoe, which i am glad for, i'm inseperable from my canoe, i slipped...that's what i told the radiologist...], animals (other than horses, domestic dogs or cats) [hmm, lets recap, so, if i get hurt by a horse i am covered, but if it's pulling a carriage i'm not...but only whilst ON the bus...have to remember that...], or firearms (other than guns being used for sport) [hmmm...guns...on a if i shot myself i wouldn't be covered...oh well...unless it was a sport called "shoot yourself" then i am.]

ii) the occupation (except temporarily for the purposes of the trip) or ownership of any land or buildings [so if i permanently occupy the gaza...then get hurt i can't claim either, oh man, then i definately won't do that then. Occupying places permanently seems like a really bad idea then.]

iii) the carrying out of any trade or profession [so no money if i carry out my profession...i'm a student, if i read a book or listen to my mp3 player[...], then i can't claim if it hurts me either? What if i fall asleep and turn up the volume accidentely and bleed out my ears?]

iv) racing of any kind [ what about to the toilet, and then i slip and break my legs? What then eh?]

v) any deliberate act [so...if i delibertely don't move out of the way of the bus when it's driving off then i'm not covered either?]

(c) liability covered under any other insurance

All that for 99p. That's totally awesome travel insurance. ['s online here national express insurance]

Additionally i was offered the opportunity to select my own "title" when booking the tickets, and so as to not miss any opportunities instead of my initial thoughts of writing Sir or Mr. Etc, I wrote in that i'm a Ninja. Awesome ;-) So now it says i'm a Ninja on my ticket heheheheh

Ninja Spinola, awesome.

But thinking about it, would a real ninja tell everyone he's a ninja on his bus ticket? or would he just hide under the bus? Yea, just think about that one... that's what the "comments" function is for...What Would Ninja Do? (WWND? - its the new "What would Jesus Do?", just 117 times cooler +1, and it has correct Engrish grammar. That can be point 4 on my life philosophy now)

In the words of the immortal Johnny Cash (who soothes me at this very moment with simple guitar plucking):

"I hate you one and all...damn your eyes"

(Well, the not so immortal Johnny Cash.)

Sov godt lille faa...

ACE update Completion Progress: 94% will soon be up. Just have to clear up some copyright issues for the music...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Blog owwwwwn - about Being locked in Kongens Have.

Went to RizRaz again, the vegetarian buffet restaurant of joy, the third time this week (i got the same waitress again). Hmmm, if i didn't know myself better i'd say i was getting extravagant (though i've only paid once). I also somehow managed to almost get locked in a park and had a rather exciting hasty walk to the gate...just escaped in time, just. The reason i almost got locked in a park (Kongens Have for those who want to know) was because a friend and I were talking and then an old lady collecting bottles around the park sat down and talked to us. She's there everyday we were informed. She moved here to Denmark 33 years ago from Brazil. She still had a little of the Latin talkativity left. She even commented on how good i was for not smoking, she also told us not to get locked in the park, there's Jackals there at night, maybe she meant predators of another kind. She got all our bottles too. Then she left and we talked about her. Then we got locked in and she was on the other side of the gate saying "i told you not to get locked in...i told you", so we had to HastyWalk(TM) over to the other side of the park, racing not only against time, but also the park guard dude.

I'm glad i got to spend a day with my friend. (and her friend) It's nice to be there for someone.

Du skal nok overleve det, stole paa mig.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Waiting for the sun...

Sitting at "the place i used to call home for all of 3 weeks" and waiting for the sun to come up, just like in the good old days.

I'm pretty set on a day to leave, Thursday August 4th, it sounds like a noble day, a day where anything could happen, a day to try my luck, to meet someone new, a day to be alive on.

Looking at my hands shadow in the reflection of the monitor glare...per definition it is not me, a vast nothingness fills the gap between it and myself and yet i control it, it moves as i do in the way that i will it to. Is that not control? and is that not me being a part of something else?

The sun begins to rise in the east, above the rooftops of the houses on the right, a dull blaze spreading itself across the horizon celestially slow

goodnight night x

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Watching Discovery Space Shuttle Launch

Live via a stream now.... It's quite amazing.

The Launch

Sunday, July 24, 2005


Yay! I went to a themepark Yay! Twas great fun so it twas...

It was that annual time of year [sic], Themepark day! Ulla and I embarked on our neverending journey to Tivoli, one metro ride and a quick hop on the intercity train and we were there...(its in the middle of downtown Copenhagen)...

After a lame start... going on a wiener ferris wheel AND having to queue up for it...

The Wiener Ferris Wheel

we went on the real ultimate rides!!!

The Bad Ass Roller Coaster that Ulla was initially too scared to go on...

Yes, Ulla was too scared, but with some coaxing, "come on you only live once, if you die trying it won't matter.." and "you scared, ahhh (pat on the head)" and "don't worry, i don't think we'll fall out, that's what the nets are for" - she saw reason and we went on it. 6 times. 4 of them in a row. (that was just before we left... then we left with ever so slight brain damge/concussion)

Then to recover... went to the buffet from yesterday, man its so tasty there. And all the staff seemed so friendly. I see rainbows when i think about it and flying purple hippos, and that makes me smile inanely.

well Progress report on ACE (Artic Cirle Exploits) = Completion 0%

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Back...and at an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet...

Sitting in cafe RizRaz, eating an "All you can eat" buffet of vegetarian goodness/sweetness, with J, how much can we eat? only one way to find out...

Minutes later...
While J takes seconds... i watch the roasted pig rotate on their "murder/death/kill" grill menu, what kind of sellout vegetarian restaurant is this? (but they cleverly charge 200% more if you want death with your salad muh ha ha ha.)

half an hour later...
....all you can eat.... the results... - two plates each, not very much at all.

going to see "American Splendor" after that, sitting down is quite possibly the best cure for having eaten several falafels too many...

After the movie...
Excellent, most excellent. A cool mix of realism and "embellished history", or semi-true as it can henceforth be known.

Walked "home" after the movie... saw some strange sights, like some fat girl sitting on the floor in what initially seemed as a peaceful demonstration on a saturday night, but to our horror, some dude tried to pick her her top.. with consequences that i don't really want to go into here, its already like an acid burned sketch in my brain... suffice to say.. no, no more. I love Copenhagen at night.

It has been judged that the most effective and efficient way of extolling my Artic Cirlce Exploits (henceforth known as ACE) will be to create their very own website, complete with action enhanced blow by blow monochromes, (maybe some will be in colour, i just don't know.)

And that be that. Hello again ;-)
"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre