Friday, September 30, 2005

Its another Friday Night woohoo :-(

Why go out? - It's mere western custom, some people have finished their working week, others their academic week, all want to "go out", sit around, drink to block out the awkwardness and wait to leave, while others dance with ideas of grandeur, ideas which drown in shots of liqueur as the night drags on.

but to the undead.. I mean Unemployed, each day brings the same feeling of non being as the last.

"i can't be bothered inhaling smoke, feeling on edge and judging people for being chavs" - This is why i'm spending a friday night "in". And by "in" I mean going for a curry with Comedy Dave at a curryhouse nearby, but not to the great curry house I went to the other day, which be over the hills and far away according to Dave and his midget legs. I don't suffer from Ambulophobia so maybe I can make Dave overcome his and walk there with me.

self portrait with spiders legsThis is how i'd look if I was half Spider, exactly half spider mind you, note that i have only 4 legs...

Well soon I must be off-a-Currying, and it looks like Dave's Flat mate the mighty Ceps will be Tag-Teaming along with us (He is/was/will be/was born to be an Amateur Wrestler after all). As a precurser to a good night out (as according to Roman Tradition) I squashed 2 opel fruits (or starbursts if you like, yes I found some more) together, an orange and a purple one, which is said to bring good luck and job prospects as well as increased Virility.

Wishing for all three would just be greedy though wouldn't it, Thankfully I only need the former two there, so it should be fine.

Achluophobia- Fear of darkness.
Acousticophobia- Fear of noise.
-together they make Achluo-Acousticophobia - fear of dark noises
muahhahahahahah you scared now?

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Chewing on some sweets and info on swordfighting.

I'm chowing down on a few Starbursts, haven't had them in years...I'm raiding the cupboards looking for sweet's a good job I have lots of time to do so, there sure is a meagre collection here. But then again I don't really need this stuff so i'm glad there were only 4 starburst of unknown origin/date of purchase left. I'm glad i'm not one of those types who has a secret stash of chocolate...

Its raining rather a lot outside right now... I wish it wasn't I would like to go for a long walk up in the mountains now.

In other exciting news headlines:
  • A family Cat died the other day

  • I didn't get a job I'd applied for

  • I got so drunk that I thought i'd eaten a bad potatoe fritter and that was the reason why I was throwing up for numerous torturous hours not because I drank incredible super human amounts of Vodka with Comedy Dave.

  • I walked again to the fairytalesque Castel Coch. (picture from my Flikr photostream)

  • Well it's stopped raining now...

    Well here's an update:
    I went for a curry! Awesome. Vegetable Kofta Masala - the curry that wise men eat.
    My sister also informed me of a swordfight that took place earlier and sounds frikkin' awesome. Here's a slash by slash account:

  • Some rival takeaway owners on "shitty" road, whipped out their swords and dueled in the middle of the street. (I like to imagine that they utilised Sabres with Jewel encrusted sheaths, but perhaps that's just fanciful thinking on my part.)

  • The better swordfighter won, and went to jail...

  • The other dude went hospital.

  • Oh the daily trivialities are what makes it all worth it, they really are.

    Monday, September 19, 2005

    I wondered near and I wandered far from myself

    I think i've broken something. If by something I mean my entire body, heart and mind.

    A few days ago the temporary fellowship of the stone skippers (that being me (the mighty Comrade_S), Sam, Tom and Jo) decided to climb a mountain. Well if by decided I mean we had to to escape yet another day in town skipping stones. Seriously I skipped stones with that lot the other day for a while, and now days later I still can't feel the top of my skipping arm, its a good job that it's not the same arm as my writing/typing arm I tells you.

    We set off early, sometime after lunch, and walked to the mountain starting point, a journey that took us through the wilds, past the castle we walked to the other day and into the realm of "The Valleys" as the Welsh speaking people call the region up there. I prefer to refer to it as "Just a ride on the number 132 bus away from from civilisation". Anyhow, climbed we did, past the dangerous hairpin road bends that many a transit van have been stuck at... (I mean who pays for a signpost warning people of the 50 transit vans that got stuck at that corner?)

    I took this picture with Toms camera, and Tom put it on his blog and i'm nicking it because he ain't given the me rest of the photos yet, that dirty ba*tard.

    I found this quote, and i'll quote it here:
    "The ability to quote is a serviceable substitute for wit."

    - W. Somerset Maugham

    It's been a weird few days...

    In my ever ongoing search for a job... (hehehehe), well anyhows, my inactivity has once again led to the possibility of employment, or wage slavery for those of us in "the know" like to call it. Anyhow, I might get to mess around with photgraphs in photoshop, that'll do me for a while.

    I ate a block of marzipan the other day, it was almondy, very pleasant, I ate a jar of Olives the other day as well, they were salty, also very pleasant. Today I might just eat bananas, I wonder how they'll be.

    Well I wonder if you noticed anything, no I didn't get a new haircut, I put a link to some photos I've taken recently in the sidebar --->

    ps. I saw the worst movie ever the other was so shite that I almost fell asleep at the cinema and cried at the same time. Have any of you ever put your hands in a metal ceiling fan? no, well, I can tell you that i'd rather have done that again that watch this movie. If time travel is ever invented I will go back in time and leave myself a memo to do that instead of watch that movie. It was so shite that right now I feel physically sick thinking about it because it was so shite. Oh did I mention what it was called? no, well check out that link or something, I want to forget what it was called, I'm glad I smuggled myself into the cinema at student prices and not at full price.

    Monday, September 12, 2005

    A lifelong learning experience...

    Whilst my little sister gazed at the idiot box the other day...watching billy elliot, a heroic story of acceptence of ballet as a profession by working class northerners who only accept it because they can't beat it out of the little boy, well anyhow, I wanted to annoy her. So i found a laser pen and through one of the numerous holes in one of my few t-shirts (for those of you who know me it was the old green one with a red star on it) i shined it at her glasses (not her goddamn eyes ok), being incredibly annoying and I hope distracting her from the film experience. Awsome.

    Man, all the cute little netdeas are getting bought out by conglomerates, first beautiful flikr by yahoo and now wonderful skype by ebay...Soon all these giant net conglomerates will decapitate each other until there is only one left, kinda like in the highlander movies...

    There can be only one giant net conglomerate!!!

    I have a bad feeling about this, Is it just me though?

    I have a bad feeling about this too.

    I've been playing flash games most of the day. Again. I thought about posting links to some of them but, well, most of them are crap or really really crap. Apart from this one Curveball, but apart from that one... what is it with all these games and their materialistic purposes? i.e Collect things = you win, why is it always about collecting coins etc??? Why can't they make it about redistributing those coins evenly around the level eh? or removing politicians from office when they lie to the electorate (and the rest of the world for that matter...).

    I like playing curveball all the time and can get to level 8 if I concentrate really hard.

    Worringly I found out today that it would only take 522 cans of Coca Cola to kill me from the caffein content... I'm hoping thats a "in a row" kinda figure. Really I am. Though the "science" behind this is probably lame. Nevertheless i'm 0.4% on my way to death today...

    I did something really stupid yesterday.

    I bought a bar of rather not cheap chocolate.. and well planned to eat it tuesday night. And it's still in the fridge now. Taunting me. Teasing me. Distracting me. I can't really remember what else i've thought about today other than the crap I written here and that chocolate bar. I'm not cut out for having a chocolate stash. I'm just not that kinda guy.

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    I met a drunk guy at the bus stop and now I'm writing about it...

    Well now its gone and been Sunday all over again. It's been a week since my last "update", another week preceeded by a week followed by a week... when will it all end?

    To be honest things blurred by, to be dishonest they didn't, regardless, there were in fact some exciting happenings exactly 4 of which are outlined below as well as I can be bothered outlining them...

  • A big bug whizzed into a window and dropped dead... then I photographed it.

  • I walked up to Castel Coch (The Red Castle) the other day with Sam, its a nice walk up there, its a nearby landmark that I see from afar most every day, but this is the first time I've been there since I gained the faculty of remembering things many moons ago.

    This is the castle from an up close perspective

    Sam and I sat up there for hours talking, i'd like to walk back up there someday soon.

  • I helped Dave move to his new shared house, his little brother told me, when we were crossing the road moving things from the car to the house, that he'd never had so much fun (because we were crossing the road all the time). I wish I could agree with little TJ there... I have a strange feeling that Dave's collective sofa will become one of my haunts...just like poker joints in the midwest were to Wild Bill Hickok

  • Went to see Tall Smelly Guy, watched the original Alien, I've never noticed until now how comical the chest bursting part is, especially the speedy gonzalez escape of the little alien with lots of fillings (how else do you explain the silver teeth? unless it was a PimpAlien...I love paintshop with ALL my body...).

    What you all up in ma bidness for dawg?

    Well then I took the bus back from the city centre. Normally that would be really boring... well at least to read about, personally I find taking the bus really interesting... well, after my late night walk from one side of town, across the dodgy bit and then to the bus stop, all completed with my shades on, all I wanted was that there was a bus waiting at the stop for me which could consume my £1.65 fare and take me home, alas, all I found was an overly friendly drunk guy who insisted on showing me his huge guitar. He'd just bought it you see. Well in his inebriated-ness he mumbled many words incoherently, that is until he started telling me about some guy in a car he was in pulling a tazer on him earlier in the night, and how he hadn't wanted that to go down. Then, as his new best friend, he regaled me with stories about how if one was to apply a tazer to a person standing at a bar it would make everyone else standing at said bar receive a shock also. This, he told me, would be incredibly funny.

    After cursing at the substantial number of buses passing that were not going to where he wanted to the real bus came. Lo and Behold I was to enjoy his pleasure further!

    After throwing his pound coin somewhere on the bus before he paid he stumbled about looking for it and eventually managed to pay. A drunk person stumbling about looking for a pound coin on a moving bus is indeed a sight to behold. He even waived goodbye when he alighted...

  • I met a drunk guy at the bus stop and now I'm writing about it...Sometimes I feel like such a bastard. hehe

    Sunday, September 04, 2005

    Stopped again.

    All I wanted was some Dark Chocolate. Some dark chocolate of the Lindt 70% solid cocoa variety. Some dark chocolate that I could eat an entire bar of lay upon my bed and have many hours of Platonic discussion over why I bought said chocolate as at that point i'd most probably have a headache and/or a stomachache. All I wanted was to get down to the shop, the new little mini-Tescos nearby, and back unmolested. But did that happen?

    No It didn't bloody happen did it.

    It should have just been a little trip in my sisters boyfriends car. It should have been uneventful. It should have only been down to Tescos. But it wasn't.

    I should have only bought one bar of chocolate but I didn't. We should have just gone in then out no fuss but we didnt.

    Going into Tescos I shouldn't have been followed by their security guard but i was, luckily my sister stuck up for me.

    Getting into the car I shouldnt have to sit in the back, I mean I am 22, but I did have to.

    Driving back you shouldn't have to sit behind people doing 20mph in a 30mph zone, but we had to.

    We probably shouldn't have driven through the traffic lights when they'd just gone orange but we had to, because those filter lights only let 3 cars through at a time and it had JUST gone amber, not like it was red or anything, and there was no speeding involved.

    We shouldn't have been pulled over for that but we were. We shouldn't have had to get out of the car but we did, the policeman shouldn't have been so patronising but he was.

    So here I am, I've been stopped 3 times in 3 weeks. I'm sure they've received some information that the only people that drive across on Amber are Terrorists, that people with green clothes on are Terrorists. I'd like to think that was why we got pulled over, I'd like to think that's why I've been stopped. But that isn't why. We got pulled and I got stopped because we have created a society based on fear. People don't respect the police, they fear them. When a police officer stops you for something THAT IS NOT AN OFFENCE, you do not respect them, You fear them. You fear that they will lock you up, you fear that they will take away your driving license. You do not have to accept bribes to be a corrupt law enforcer, abuse of "power" is also corruption. This is Britain 2005, not 1940's Germany which is so demonised and yet it seems that we aspire to enact the same kinda of Police State. There's prevention of Terrorism and then theres instilling fear in the popualce of your own country in the name of preventing Terrorism. What is going on here? British soldiers are still in Iraq, fighting terrorism, whilst we are informed that that has nothing to do with the attacks in london in july of this year, yet The "Terrorists" themselves have said that that is why they carried out the attacks. Who do you believe? Our Militaristic government which lied to us in order to garner support for an illegitimate war or the new enemies of the state?

    Go Figure.

    Yea i'm pissed off, i'm pissed off waiting for someone to come and overthrow this government. And not replace it with the Conservative Party.

    I'm 8172 days old today

    Saturday, September 03, 2005

    My ever-ongoing week

    What's been going on?

    I want to write a kind of countdown, i think i'd like to sum up each day using no more than one word, other than the one word that says which day the other one word sums up.

    I'll start the list now:

    Saturday: Sad

    Sunday: Screwy

    Monday: Angry

    Tuesday: Confused

    Wednesday: Guilty

    Thursday: Scared

    Friday: Inconsolable

    Today: Resigned

    And what about right now? How do I feel right now?

    I don't really know,I just want to look out of my window

    I made up a new word - "Netdea"

    In my time of times I just made up a new word - Netdea

    It's a google whack at the moment (i.e no links to it) Google search results

    So I take the word to mean:
  • Ideas that occur mainly in the Internet sphere. I.E. New services etc as provided solely upon the internet.

  • I claim this word and place it under a creative commons license for use in the public sphere.

    And if someone else made it up first. I don't care
    "Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre