Sunday, October 23, 2005

Mozarts Requiem and the Aftermath...

Man i'm slow updating, too busy posting on Flickr...., and helping other people set up accounts, like Comedy Dave... Remus and My little Sister..., i'm so proud of myself.

Well, The requiem we - Comedy, Andy, Sam and I, attended on tuesday was truly awesome, apart from a slight timing incident in the 8th part of the requiem that none of the others that went noticed but I, as a master listener to Mozarts requiem, did notice, and no, I'm not crazy it really did happen they were about half a beat off. Honestly. Anyhow, we were also treated to a rendition of Mozarts 40th Symphony. The venue was churchtastic. All old and uncomfortable and it smelled funny and during the performance bits of cobweb fell from the ceiling onto my trouser, I was impressed at the places authenticity, I could have sworn that it was a real church...hehe. ps: I cannot overemphasize enough how awesome it was attending that concert.

Go and see classical concerts they are awesome

Apart from that I have been photographing like a guy that needs to photograph or otherwise he'll die painfully, like by having his eyes gouged out with a teaspoon and replaced with brain eating worms. Seriously mucho uploading of photos, But I am really enjoying doing so, and it seems some people appreciate my meagre efforts so I say "yay" to that.

This seems to be all the rage out of the photos I have thus far uploaded.

Well, other than the fact that my arms are hurting these days from too much computering... I've decided to go to London for a little respite from my overly stressful life here in Cardiff... no wait...hehehe, actually I've decided to go visit some friends. But that'll be first next week so... In other news:

  • Comedy Dave's car got broken into, theres a story all about in in that link. I told you all Cardiff was dodgy, but did you listen???

  • Went to See Serenity earlier, twas awesome, despite what Sam thinks.... *muhahahah*

  • I finally found out that Ulla was in fact Alive, and had in fact just been ignoring me the last week or so in fact. In fact she does actually remember who I am ... in fact.

  • And now my arms hurt so i'm going to stop writing...

    Monday, October 17, 2005

    "damn it i just lost a good nut amongst all the shells"

    "damn it i just lost a good nut amongst all the shells"
    - this is Sam's euphemism for a good soldier dying in war.. exactly as she "said" it.

    Well another a1-productive day, achieved so much its hard to relate it all here. No wait.

    oh ok, i'll try through the meagre medium of words and possibly pictures.

    Well arising at the crack of noon I spied with my little compact camera some butterflies flapping around the garden bushes, thus I arose, robed myself and fleeted down the staircase and out into the garden, Macro Lense setting at the ready. After several tense minutes, noticing the cat prowling around the garden, i got a shot of a butterfly of which I am very happy.

    MacroButter (TM)

    And then well, the cat leapt up and ate said butterfly, so this photo is not only a photo but also a record of its final seconds (literally of life.)

    Well after the cat incident, I stumbled about on the internet for the remainder of the day mainly playing this breakout clone presently im at level 29... and still going strong...

    But I do have a plan for tomorrow!:

  • 1 go to el centro del trabajo and explain why "Me still have no work"
  • 2 read "the pilgrimage" - in a park
  • 3 hope someone texts me then go see them to "kill" time...
  • 4 be at tall smelly guys house at 6
  • 5 go experience/see/hear Mozarts' Requiem
  • 6 other spontaneous stuff...

  • I read this earlier on the back of a chocolate "penguin" bar and have trawled through my vocabulary attempting to disprove it...

    "Dreamt" is the only word in the english language that ends with "mt"

    - but I can't, can anyone else? Though I don't believe that a chocolate bar would lie to me...

    ps. Rem screw you! and good luck at the interview :-)

    pps. Ullie ringe til mig for fanden, held og lykke med eksamen!

    ppps. I changed the photo of me in the top right hand corner, Its more up to date you see.

    Sunday, October 16, 2005

    Dead Bunnies and Giant Mushrooms

    Went recycling yesterday, twas fun so it twas, there's nothing like the sound/feeling of smashing glass bottles in the recycling bin... rings in my ear like a fine Mozart Symphony... well I can see if that's true tuesday when Sam, Dave, Andy and I attend a rendition of Mozart's Requiem Mass. On a scale of one to cultured... we are fast approaching cultured are we not.

    I took great pleasure in winding Dave up yesterday, well what else is a boy to do when faced with boredom alone or being bored and going shopping again and not buying anything but just following someone else around while they shop... yes, the answer is wind that person up.

    Yesterday led to today and wel today I've been out photographing stuff, like dead bunnies and Mushrooms.

    MacroShroom (TM)

    And well there was my day. There were several dead things at the beach, bunnies, sheep, crabs, I wonder if any of them committed suicide?

    Friday, October 14, 2005

    10 Movies I'll Never Recommend to anyone, even a dog

  • #1:"Domino" was shit and even Mickey Rourke's Ugly mutha of a face couldn't save it.

    Well, I wrote in the title there'd be 10 but in reality I only wrote that so as to slant this stinking waste of acting talent that is "Domino". It was terrible. If it was more terrible it could only be by factors of 10. Ultraaaaa Terrible. I mean I don't watch commercial TV and haven't done so for years. The reason is I like to select my input and if I so choose to blind myself with a myriad of moving pictures I like choosing well and well I choose rather badly today. It was a 2 hour (or possibly longer) semi-true story of a real life bounty killer. Well if you've seen the trailor for this movie, which runs for about 2 hours as well you'll get enough of "the gist" to not see this film and blag about it to anyone who has and asks you about it. Though why would anyone say that they've seen this anyhow, so scratch all that.

    Well rant over... I made my sister print my favourite photographs from my portfolio out for me today, and now I have them all in glorius 6x4 glory with the intention of blue tacking them all to a wall in my room in an attempt to create a parallel reality portal or a more prettified wall I forget exactly why.

    Banana Ray
  • Thursday, October 13, 2005

    I had a list...

  • 30 mins yoga - Done
  • Do my laundry - Done
  • Put 5 photos on Flickr - Done
  • Shave and Cut hair - Done
  • Clean my room - Done
  • Tidy away cables - Done
  • Make a Mozarts Requiem CD - Done
  • Put Photos on a CD so my sister can print them - Done

  • Well now they are all done, booya!

    I've watched my way through series two of the Sopranos now, I felt quite sad at the end, when Tony's long time friend pussy was shot, really sad...and empty.

    So sad and empty I was considering going to South America and joining some rebels.

    Anyhow, I would have gone outside today but, well...My shoes got wet like 2 days ago...during the torrential Welsh rainy season and as I live a frugal life devoid of numerous pairs of shoes...I couldn't go outside. But hey, I've accomplised indoors things instead!

    Starting very soon, Andy (tall smelly guy) and I will become fully fledged Ninjas, we will start the ancient art of Ninjitsu in but 10 days or so's time, kick ass. I have to pick a lotus flower and climb to the top of a mountain with it in the himalayas where i'll meet Liam Neeson who'll teach me to be a stealthy ninja. No wait, that's Batman. Damn, I've just got to turn up on a tuesday at a community centre... and wear black pyjamas.

    Reflective Wave

    Well I wish I had something to do tonight... :-( ...well now it looks like I do yay!

    Sunday, October 09, 2005

    What you looking at Jamook?

    Just finished watching a friend of mines DVD box set of Series 1 of the Sopranos. That's 13 episodes in 24 hours... probably less... and I did in fact sleep about half of that time.. So i've been pretty much Sopranos-ing it all day. Fu*king a. Well I ate loads too, Veggie Stuffing balls, awesome.

    But alas, my eyes now hurt. One cannot have ones pizza pie and eat it too it seems...

    In Other News:
  • I'm still all unemployed...
  • I'm fairly content... not so much agita today...
  • I took some photos through a glass

  • View Through a Glass Bottomed Glass

    Well, as I said, i've been watching the Sopranos all day, what else did you expect me to have done eh? I am a Poverett after all just getting by...

    Saturday, October 08, 2005

    The day after the night before the next day

    The day after the night before the next day - Does that title even make sense?

    Urgh.... I'd like to start this entry by stating clearly how I feel right now, I thus repeat it... URGH

    urgh... the quiet night in initially planned failed to materialise...didn't quite work out as planned if I may...

    Some Highlights of the night:
  • seeing random mosh-fights
  • moshing until my neck hurt.
  • getting covered in someone elses blood
  • drinking randomly mixed shots...

  • Not necessarily in that order.

    We were in some shith*le in Cardiff, no wait I should be more specific, some bar with a welshy sounding name in Cardiff. We were somewhere else before that too, but nothing interesting really happened blood anyhow... Well Comedy Dave and I discovered that Pear Cider and/or Apple Cider were more than readily available..but only in 1 litre installments... several litres later we headed to the other bar/club/dive...

    The Drunk Scale
    Bear in mind that I was pretty drunk by that point. I was drunk to a degree of 3

    0 is normal regular old me
    1 is hungover (from being a 3/4 the night before)
    2 is tipsy (about this time I start to think about dancing)
    3 is drunky Mcdrunk-drunk (about this time I start ordering random shots and dancing)
    4 is wasted (about this time I can no longer feel my face)
    5 is warning warning critical system failure imminent... (Real Ultimate Ninja Drunk)

    Well, Me, Myself and the the others went to a "Rock" Night, I thought we were going to an electro night, and remember asking where we were going on at least several occassions. When we arrived at the rock nigh I was disappointed to discover that there was no electro music of any kind, just cold hard wooden floors graced by 18 year students of the "altenative" nature being deafened by the speed drums of metal bands played through bad quality speakers. I could hardly control my excitement at the prospect of being there ALL night, really. no really. no really I couldn't. Oh ok it wasn't seeming all that great an idea. But well, my laptop was at Daves... and he was at the club, and I didn't want leave my laptop at his place, or walk home (it takes 2 hours).

    Getting into the "spirit" of things:
    Well a few shots later, especially of the beautifully expensive and/or disgusting Sambuca... well so began the dancing, at some point Dave and I ordered 4 random shots of god knows what and mixed them together...and drank it. It tasted of watermelon. I felt bad after that, the only cure that i could see was to continue dancing or rather Moshing. For those of you who don't know what that word means, imagine dancing in the style of... well someone who is dancing with the aim of looking like they are trying to elbow other people, whilst simoultaneously trying to get their head as close to the floor and then back as far as they can, whilst imagining that they are playing bass guitar (the most awesome of the "rock" instruments, and no drums DO NOT count.). Now THAT'S moshing.

    Towards the "end" of the evening I turned around, shortly after they'd played a classic Rage Against the Machine track, to see some dude laying flat out on the cess pit of a dance floor, blood everywhere. I went over in a moment of instant sobriety and sat him up hoping that he wouldn't choke on his blood. His "friends" came and got him after that. At some point he bled all on my arms so I had to go wash it off in the dingy pits of the club (the toilets) ignoring the 30 second rule in the process. (that's the rule whereby male friends must leave at least a 30 second gap between them heading to the bathroom, its a stupid rule, but Liam swears by it.)

    Well we pretty much left after that. The rich ones (Liam and Helen) getting a taxi home and the poor ones (Comedy Dave, Andy and Me) walking via the tall smelly guys (that's Andy) house, a detour that took several hours and incorporated Comedy Daves discovery of a pile of cat shit... from Andy's flatmates cat.

    Comedy Dave and I then stumbled back to his, then Comedy fell asleep on the sofa and I fell asleep on a chair in a daze of feeling-like-crapness.

    The evening in summary:-£20 spent.... it was 4am and there was blood on the dancefloor...

    Today I have been mostly recovering and/or being godlike at Unreal Tournament whilst eating junk food along with the other who went out last night.

    Thursday, October 06, 2005

    A tribute to Remus...

    Been playing unbelivable (and by unbelievable I mean obsessive) amounts of I Sketch most recently. Its an online pictionary game that Comedy Dave introduced me... initially It was to play pictionary, then to Insult people randomly... and well someone thought it was funny that I was randomly being insulting and well now I've made a seemingly cool new friend ;-) gee isn't life random. :-)

    My week in retrspective analysis...

    Well... That night I was going for a curry, friday last if I recall... yes it was a Damn good Curry, the stuff that legends talk of. Many legends. A creamy yet expensive yellowy coconut congealing mass was consumed to great satisfaction all around and various/copius amounts of "the wine", were consumed in due course. Then mid into the festivities, the soiree came abruptly to an end, Well at 4am. Comedy Dave announced to Tall Smelly guy and myself... "You gotta leave ma house niggadawgs - like now".

    I hardly need to tell you.. it was raining. It was 4am and both Andy and I live long walks away from where we at that point were. We tried reasoning... "fu*k off" and "no way", but to no avail. Dave called in reinforcements, the mighty Ceps (one of his roomies) had even kicked his girlfriend out at like 3am...I mean these guys were serious.

    THE REASON DE Bastardish Behaviour: Their new flat mate was moving 11am the next day and they didnt want to create a bad impression... for fooooks sake!

    So Andy and I trudged along some of the most dangerous roads in town at 4am, with an umbrella for protection (from both the rain and the drunken yobs.)


    Well since then....
    I went up in the mountains again...
    and looked at mushrooms,

    and took photos of mushrooms,
    and I've went to see Amadeus,
    I love that film following which I trekked from town to my house with Samantha, twas an awesomely quiet trip.

    I like the fact that at 2am all cities are quiet, makes me night-dream (like day dreaming but at night) about those cities being abandoned completely laying in ruins, with nature re-possessing the land they once occupied, breaking concrete, crumbling society...

    Well I went to a wind quintet concert in Cardiff's little Norwegian Church last night... was impressive, I love listening to classical music. THeres something so pure about listening to unamplified music in a small venue it makes the hairs on my neck stand on end.

    i sketch
    I'd like to thanks I-sketch for taking my time
    "Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre