Saturday, November 19, 2005


"Fear" - Says the Ninja as he unsheathes his blade,
"Doubt" - Says the Ninja as he raises it above his head,
"surprise!" - Says the Ninja as his fingers stab into your eyes
"confusion" - Says the Ninja as he turns and pushes you to the ground

"Control these and your opponent will be defeated" - says the Ninja as he brings down his blade...

Comrade_S November 2005

I've had a relatively busy week, some complained about my relative "lack of wardrobe" which spurred me to purchase a white kimono suit to wear for more formal occassions, What i really like about white kimono suits is that the mandarin collar leaves absolutely no possibility of me ever being able to wear a tie with it. Have you ever noticed the similarity between a dog's leash and a Human's Tie? One symbolises the enslavement of a sentient being, the other helps you walk your dog... Anyhow getting to the point, I wore my new suit to a concert that very same wednesday, Tchakovsky's 4th Symphony was the headline piece, it was a wonderful concert.

Broken Angel

I went for a walk in Cathays cemetery the other day too, I spootted this little Broken Angel standing sadly amongst the branches. I wished I could fix her wing but alas my stoneworking tools were not to hand.

And perhaps, only perhaps, I could possibly become an Auxiliary Nurse in the near future.
II changes to X (i.e i'm crossing my fingers ;-)

Sunday, November 13, 2005

A classic concert...

Last night I attended a concert at St.Davids Hall with Sam, seriously, and I'm speaking in all seriousness now, it was awesome. By awesome I mean inspiring, wonderful etc.

The score for the concert was as follows:

  • Schumann's Manfred Overture
  • Grieg's Piano Concerto
  • Tchaikovsky's Manfred Symphony

  • Personally I was most impressed by the piano concerto, the timing was flawless, the piece is one of my favourites in classical music, and one of my favourites means its high ranking, up there with Rachmaninov's Piano Concertos. I've often dreamed of playing it myself (by dreamed I mean real dreaming, i.e im asleep ;-). But like I said the timing was perfect. The acoustics of the hall were fantastic. I'm looking forward to seeing some more concerts there in the near future. I hope that this "review" of sorts impresses on any readers how truly awesome this experience was.


    Thursday, November 10, 2005

    The "REAL 9/11..."

    Yea it was the real 9/11 the other day...not that OTHER one they keep talking about, i.e the ninth of november i.e 9/11, not the 11th of september which, according to time honoured and long practised tradition is 11/9 which I agree isn't so catchy but who do they think they are messin' with dates just to make it sound cooler, I mean come owwwwn. And anyhow the 11 - 09 - 01 roughly translates to KIA if the numbers are used as letters of the alphabet.,.. and then K =killed I=in A=action, which is far more spooky. Stupid americans and their meddlin' with dates to make 'em sound cooler grrr///

    Last night I was in town with Comedy Dave, Helen, Ceps and Liam (Comedy's roomies (I know he'll hate that word)) for Helens birthday... while waiting for them to come into town I was almost accosted by a group of youths, luckily nothing transpired, and well It was generally cold. I almost froze my goddamned nuts off out there waiting for Dave...and I almost had to use my ninja powers...

    I had a really nice day though before that, I booked tickets to see Griegs Piano Concerto which should be awesome, I've received a letter offering me an Interview for a nursing position that I applied for precisely 3412 years ago now and out of 10 I had a 10 day with Sam eating jacket potatoes :-)

    On a less serious/possibly worrying note, I had me some messed up dreams! Oh boyo were they messed up, I can remember (read blurrily/hazily you get the picture) 2 of them are related below in the time honoured tradition of relating things in words:

    My Dreams: A short novelisation by Comrade_S

    Burglar - There was this kid.. the wiry type, the expert burglar type. each night he would break into my house via various methods and through various doors/windows and so forht. Accordingly this really pissed me off and I notified the police. they came staked out the house and but didnt catch the little thieving b*stard but instead wanted him to break in as they were interested in his methods, He cam in through my bedroom window and I shot him in the face with a double barrelled shotgun. Well he died, the thieving little b*stard that is, and well the police didn't really take all that kindly to my actions so I ran away, taking only the clothes on my back and blue tarpaulin sheet. As the rain lashed down I was chased through a dense forest, sliding in the mud and falling down embankments until a point at which the policemen followed no more. Eventually I found myself in Camden Market in London and the dream faded to black...

    Red XIII's infected?!? - Standing at the back of a pack of heavily armed and armoured soldiers I found myself armed with a magnum, trembling and aiming it high up towards the doorway at the top of the staircase with my right arm. The metal stairs clanged as the others in the squad nervously shifted their positions, I kept looking down the stairwell upon the numerous floors and countless stairs below. Orders were being shouted by the lead soldier, who standing in the doorway, was instructing a scout team to open the door. Shortly after this I heard cries of "Red XIII's infected?!?" and the "infection" passed quickly to the other squad members. I ran down to the next floor and barricaded myself in an office. Someone was trying to get through the door, I opened it and shot him in the foot, only to find that it was another squad member that was ok (until I shot him in the foot...) he closed the door, we pushed a desk up against it and waited. (And then I woke up.)

    - Those were some messed up dreams -

    And now its late again, I've recently returned from Ninja School, my right arm in pieces, and now i'm off to bed, hopefully I'll fall asleep to the sounds of the end credits of a south park episode that i'm going to watch in an attempt to induce happy dreams :-)

    On a Thursday Night I visited a lonely subway

    Tuesday, November 08, 2005

    Man its raining again...and this is my 101st post

    101 posts eh? Since the 4th of April until now (the 8th of November...)
    I could average that out but I can't be bothered. Geez its miserable out. Its not so late in the afternnon and the sun has already buggered off AND its raining again. I needs me some St.John's Wort tea or i'll flip out and kill someone, the Reuben album i'm listening to is keeping me cheery, so screamo/ their first album is so much better than the second...

    Additionally I just filled out a Ninja Disclaimer... my favourite question:

  • "On a scale of 1 to 10 how importannt is your personal safety?"

  • I put 10, I am worried that if I put any less they'll keep beating me up. Maybe now though they'll have to show me how unimportant I am and how they can crush me with a single blow.. Oh jesus... hehe.

    Well in the spirit on Ninja Warriorness I have a ponytail now, and if any of you say its for sissy's I'll sneak up behind you and break your ass bone.

    Relating to Comedy Dave's last post, yea jesus was he pissed off on friday, he was still so pissed off when he wrote his blog entry to mention that I bought him a curry to cheer him up afterwards. (ps. you owe me a fiver dickwad) ;-)

    I'm still thinking about what job I want to do, its a tough decision. There are just so many super crappy, boring, uninspiring, suicidal motivating, retarded, uninteresting, sacrilegious jobs out there to choose from, I just can't choose. I just can't.

    And not once have I seen a job advertisment for "leader of the world". Which is what I really want to do. Damn, i'd better keep looking.

    I also decided to eat rice twice a day every day. 3 days now its been underway, I'll never tire from this...... Man I love eating with chopsticks, it just feels so Ninja.. anyhow speaking of Ninja...I gotta go ninja-ring...

    The Old Arcade

    Friday, November 04, 2005

    I had a dream...

    Man 'o' man.

    Well, I went to London for a while, hence the absense of Bloggage.

    Whilst in London I mostly drank semi frozen Cider, ate in Thai restaurants and photographed tramps...


    Man I've been having some messed up dreams lately... perhaps related to my frequent Ninja training or perhaps not.. you decide...

    This Dream I am going to call the:

    "Collect the Ninja Scrolls to stop the Evil American Laser thats destroying the earth!" dream...

    Well setting the scene ... overall the gist of this dream was that america were operating some big ancient laser device that concentrated light then aimed it at the moon and it reflected back at various locations on earth... in a rough chronological order of what i can remember the rest follows...

    ...In a chopper flying over Palenque ruins in Chiapas, Mexico... me, dressed in ninja pyjamas looking out of the doorway. In white letters "Palenque ruins, Chiapas, Mexico" is printed across my dream in a kind of typewriter style font, this is a recurring theme of the dream with each shift in location.

    I absailed down into the ruins, fighting off the Mexican guards with awesome ninja moves fighting my way to the center of a pyramid to recover the 4th scroll. I kinda remember collecting the other scrolls, there were 5 alltogether... anyhow... when i had the four they spelled out the location of the fifth and final scroll, Havana, Cuba...

    Ok, agin, in a chopper', beginning of predator style. Havana, Cuba typing out in white...*chuck chuck chuck*

    Now though I'm dressed like Che Guevara, I paradrop inlanding next to Fidel, he instantly recognises my disguise shouting "you're not Che!" and we battle for several hours. *slap* - *ouch* - *whurgh* - *slash slash* - Fidel tires..."you have learned much young Ninja, ok, you are the one to collect the fifth scroll and stop the Americans"

    He leads me to the final ruins... a sloping stone doorway underneath a huge futuristic bypass...Fidel will go no further.

    I enter...
    and place the four scrolls in a stone circley thing... stuff moves things grind lights flicker etc...*grind grind*

    then this big ass robot comes out of nowhere, it looks like Optimus prime from transformers but is painted like the american flag!!!

    I kicked its ass *ching chang* (its metal afterall), pulling the last scroll out of its giant brain-eye.

    I put the scroll in place on the stone circley thing and some noise like lasers stopping abounds, the wisdom of the ninjas conquers all!


    No shit, i dreamt this. And it was the most awesome dream ever. By the way i'm seriously enjoying Ninja School! And I'm SO going to make this into a film. Before anyone else I know makes a film!

    "Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre