Monday, December 26, 2005

These are the voyages...

My Great undertaking has been undertaken, i've watched my way through 4 series of "Star Trek: Enterprise", all since my last blog entry, just take a second there to mull THAT achievement over...

Well I also achieved my Ninjutsu Green Belt last tuesday, as did Andy, or Tall-jutsu as he now loves to be called, Dave came along to watch us achieve them, thanks Dave.

It has also been that time of year that people like to call Christmas, i don't like to call it that but I still received numerous gifts and gave a few out also, Sam bought me some ninja swords, which kick ass, though i have already hit myself in the knee with one of them, luckily with the blunt side, oh well all great warriors have to start somewhere...and with the training video Lotte sent me...Ninja Kids, i'll soon be a master...

down by the riverside in solitude

I think this image kinda sums up how I feel right this second.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Fixing something with tape doesn't mean its fixed.

Been up to things the last few days... I just can't really remember what they were exactly. Thats of no consequence though, i'm sure i can still rattle out a few paragraphs regardless.

My awesome ninja prowess progress report.
We've been learning to carry out moves or attacks if I may, that our victims/opponents aren't as I raised El Che (my sword) above my head as if the strike the top of my victims head...I instead decided to smash the large overhead 100 year old crappy yellowed lightbulb that hung of the ceiling. This unexpected maneuver showered said victim in the glass of a former neon lightbulb now rendered into a million pieces of old stained razor sharp shards of ninjaness that exploded their way around the room, thus attacking in a way he wasn't expecting and winning the ninja battle/showdown and taking out everyone else in the room at the same time. Unfortunately noone else saw it that way. They all thought that i'd just hit the lightbulb accidentally with El Che, but thats all part of being a ninja..hiding ones true intent.

Disclaimer: noone got hurt in the making of above truestory (tm), and we tidied up the glass like good little ninjas.

The day before that day, that day being sun-day hence this day being satur-day, Andy (Talljutsu) and I (BeardoMoJutsu, these are are ninja names by the way) went to a rendition of Handel's Mesiah in St. Johns church in Cardiff City Centre that dave wanted to go to, It was a nice concert that Dave would have really liked if he'd gone, and the venue would make an awesome ninja dojo (when i'm leader of the world and have completely separated the church and state, so that the church is so separated thet its in exile... then i'll make that former church into an awesome ninja dojo with 50 ninjas living there all the time. It'll be so sweet, just like in feudal japan...eheheh). If dave had been there he would have enjoyed the quality of the music, but he wasn't there thus couldn't. Talljutsu knew one of the singers, who admittedly looked like a troll (perhaps an Ogre) but sung very nicely.

After said concert, we saw Seldom updates his blog Whiney Dave in the local cool cafe "a shot in the ass". He's dog darned gone and got himself a girl, Helen that he lives with. They were uber wasted when we arrived and continued to drink a further two bottles of red wine and acting/speaking almost incoherently. NB: I'm not drinking at all anymore because its stupid. He repeatedly stated that he'd really have liked to go to that concert, and we repeatedly told him, yea, it WAS great. Fun was had all around in plentitude.

Anyhow, I've undertaken a great undertaking, it started at 2am last night and I don't know when it'll finish. In the process of undertaking said undertaking I'm sure many sacrifices will have to be made, that many a life will be changed and numerous hours will be consumed. The undertaking i have undertaken is to boldly watch as no man has watched before all 4 series of Star Trek: Enterprise.

Captain Archer will be my constant companion until this undertaking is fully undertaken.

(Well perhaps other people have watched all four series, but i said "man" and well do Star Trek fans really count then? No. No they don't. I don't even really like Star Trek. Yea, i'm a real man. manly man 'o' manhood is my middle name.)

bridge framed tree

As I stared out at the lonely tree by the side of the road
it stretched its arms out high into the blue
rays trickled through its fingers
as it waited to be taken somewhere else

So long, farewell, umpa lumpa dumpety doo soon i'll have another update for you.

I leave with the wise words of wisdom

"Don't be afraid of Perfection, you'll never reach it."
Salvador Dali

Friday, December 02, 2005

Real Life Ninja-ing plus some concert action

Been slightly busy lately...

I was at sams before training the other day right...and i left to go to training... so i went around the corner...i have my hood up, a scarve wrapped around my head (it was snowing) up to my eyes.. basically uber-ninja-like...i round the corner... and theres this guy stading there with a baseball bat right above his head shouting "fu*k this fu*k that..."- yea thats right... he was right in front of me.

So i kinda just ended up in a ninja stance, staring at him, actually he was shouting at someone over the road but when he noticed me he actually put the bat down and apologised and I walked past.

Well that night I ordered my first Ninja Training Sword (or Bokken as its known to those in the know.) I've since named it "El Che" and it fights only for justice and democracy.

Additionally and Randomly a friend of mine, leigh, won tickets to a random concert tonight.
I accepted said free tickets and attended with him, my sister and some of his rock solid crew.

Well the concert lineup turned out to be: A: Goldie Looking Chain followed by B:Feeder.

The first band I had never heard of before... and the second only in the capacity that they consist of two guys and a drum machine. (sadly said drum machine was replaced by a drummer tonight... i really wanted to meet it.. kinda annoyed about that...)

Well, Goldie Looking Chain.. Welsh Rappers straight out of Newport, with amazing lyrics such as:

"she got me really drunk
And she made me kiss her elephant trunk.
You know why? That's right
Your mother got a penis."

Sheer Class. To be honest. They were so rubbish that it was funny... and you knows it.

Feeder.. well wasn't too bad. I had a good view of the band, they looked shifty... well I had a good view because everyone else there was 13 and short, I WAS a giant. I now know how uber tall people feel at midget conventions.

The concert was fueled by the firewater that Leigh's friend Sian had smuggled in in a hip flask down her pants. Yes, down her pants. It was called something I don't really remember the name of and it tasted like fiery flames 'o' hell, well anyhow I got a little tipsy, Leigh got smashed, Sian was wreked and Leighs mate who is Lactose intolerant, henceforth known as dairy boy, was W-W-W-WAST-TED. (pronounced with a welshy accent.)

All in All in ALL twas a fun time had by all in all.

Now to leave you all with a pondering photograph...and the knowledge imparted that Cheesy Fries and an onion bhajee might seem like a good idea but really aren't when you are tipsy. Nosiree.

Surreal Skies
"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre