Sunday, January 29, 2006

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In the days passing to weeks since my last update oh so many numerous awesome things have happened.

I went to Prague incidentally... actually it was awesome. It was also minus 13 degrees some of the time and I also managed to get some sorta acute food poisoning/almost dieing illness that I am still ever so slightly recovering from. But overall it was a truly awesome awe inspiring trip.

The most memorable experience, relatable here, was on the very first night, when Samantha and I were but Czech newbies we stumbled across a Martial Arts shop the likes of which none of you mere mortals will ever come across. I mean they had several varieties of Shu-ri-ken for starters! And there was a Chinese guy guarding the doorway! Well we entered and looked about for a while admiring the shiny shiny shiny blackness of the black ninja stars and the sheer awesomeness that is expensive Katana swords vowing to return at some further point in time to look again/ perhaps purchase something oh i don't know what but it wasn't a sword etc etc.

Anyhow, the basic tale of the next few days, besides the sight seeing and numerous life saving hot chocolate drinks (which in prague seemed to be made out of small discs of some disgusting tasting goop that when melted tasted like your everyday run of the mill hot warming soothing chocolate of goodness but when semi melted tasted like some type of chocolaty disgusto soggy cardboard) was the search for said Martial Arts shop. We never did find it, perhaps that dissappointment was what led me to be ill, sick, dieing. Maybe it wasn't the dodgy egg I ate that morning. Maybe it wasn't.

looking down the tracks I spied...

Well Praha was fantastic, it was great+1 to get out of britain for a week, and now my eyes set their sights on another destination: China

A trip is in the pipeline for a duration of a little over a month, the little being our security blanket for getting back to Beijing to fly home, by all accounts it'll be a 6000 mile round trip, and as a non driver I don't really have any idea of how distance really works in a car sense but that does sound like a lot to me so a few extra days can only seem to help, and perhaps it'll allow us to see some real Shaolin Monks or something. Not like in prague where there wasn't a single Rabbi in sight even though we waited for hours in the jewish quarter.. in the minus 13 degrees cold. dammit.

Anyhow I'm also a Nurse now - for which I am relieved, its only taken what.. 6 months from application to getting a start date, i've heard that that's efficient over here, what with waiting lists and all. I start sometime next week, and i'm being specifically ambiguous about the location so as to add an air of mystique to it.

looking to the future i spied a battle

I might make this my new Profile image, who knows eh? (as thats the Ninja way, not letting anyone else know) I dedicate this image (best viewed large...) to all budding Ninja, remember as Hatsumi Sensei says "Keep Going"

So does that do as an update, have I missed anything out?


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