Wednesday, March 08, 2006

So tired.... so tired....

3 weeks sans updates, a poor showing there i know, but i do in fact have an excuse:


I really like my job and at the same time it takes up most or all, if i may, of my time. What with being a Ninja and listening out for the shinobi wind and all that i am left with 3 hours of free time per month. And i'm feeling it.

I haven't even been able to maintain my stylish "emo-hair"(TM), I now resemble a "neanderthal on a bad hair day"(TM).

Getting slightly flu-ish on and off. And its rainy season here in the amazon basin extension that is south wales... which always puts a dampener on any high hopes one may have but above all the soda machine at work has become my arch enemy, always tempting me with sugary non-goodness and then stealing 60p from me everytime i approach it. Damn soda machine.

I actually achieved a life-goal(TM) not so long ago... attended a performance of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto No.2 at St.Davids hall. it was also the cheapest life goal i have yet completed at £4 for the ticket. Thats a life goal affordable on any budget.

Well I've also had some of my photos published too! (Yippee)

This one
this one

Argh what?!?!? I just realised that i actually have one of my 3 hours of free time right now?! I think it's time to go get the garden shears and hack off my hair, perhaps i could do it with my Ninja Sword instead, thats much cooler.


Blogger spoiledregin said...

Published: like in a magazine or just flickred???

8/3/06 11:45  
Blogger Comrade_S said...

ONe in a gallery (The "Busker") and another in a Guide book for London (Kneeling) - I'll post the links as soon as i get them!

9/3/06 22:51  

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