Sunday, April 30, 2006

i love

Watching Sealab2021 on youtube:

Here's a link to an episode, there's plenty more on there.

Had a few harrowing experiences at work lately, a fatal cardiac arrest amongst them.

Going to China in 7 weeks. 7 countable weeks, i'm kinda glad, i think i need a little break from work.

Been Ninjaing a lot lately, unlike Dave who stopped Ninja now:


It was also my birthday last week and i am now 23. Spent the entire day ninjaing and went out for a meal with said ninjai in the evening. A big ass fight broke out between the local white trash eminem replicants and the local hiphop stars while we ate. Marc (my sensei) went over and put his face real close to the action. So close that i'm sure he could smell it. It was a good birthday, it wasn't getting drunk on a danish island with 30 friends while enjoying the beautiful scenery awesomegood, but it was adequate.

Other than that i've been researching purchasing a Katana. A live one (that doesn't mean that it is alive, it means that its as sharp as woody allens wit, no wait, thats not very sharp anymore, its as sharp as deaths sickle, hows that for sharp), theres just something so sexy about a real katana that girls (read sam) will never understand. Katana's are just so... curvy and sexy in a different way. and deadly. the other ninja understand.

Well i'm off to worldsend, i mean bridgend, for training now and my Satanic Mp3 player is broken, its not the first time but is the last. i have to buy a new one now. My nipples are getting hard already.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Waiting for a pizza to cook and taking the opportunity to update my blog

Its been a weird few weeks. I'll leave it at that. Nah... well I watched someone die in work. Its been a weird few weeks.

I Have however booked+paid to go to China now, we are leaving in 9 weeks... (9 weeks and i'm outta the country finally)

Dave has started Ninja and that's about that.

Its hard to write random stuff when i've got other things on my mind
"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre