Thursday, May 25, 2006

If I had a superpower...

if i had a super power (in addition to my Ninja powers which are not super, but super-amazing)it would be the super power of always getting my way that way i'd always get my own way and it would be awesome, yes truly awesome.


"Hey Fidel, I want to be leader of Cuba (puppy dog eyes)"

"Hola, yea ok (divine indifference with a spanish accent)"

"Thanks Fidel.. (smiley face)"

"oh and Fidel... I want an army of Ninja Mongooses" (politely demanding)

"Si Si..." (nodding in resignation)

stop imagining....

yea, and life at the hospital goes on..and on.. and well i'm going to china in 3 weeks now. Visas are confirmed, flights books, shoes bought and i can count to about 9 in chinese. all set.

Been translating whats going on for a Norwegian lady in the hospital too. i knew learning obscure languages would pay off one day.

I watched an interesting French Movie the other day la haine, better than any "review" i'd just say watch it and formulate your own opinions, you all have brains. Suffice to say the issues raised by the film (produced in 1995) are still relevant today, even more so after the high levels of tension and "rioting" in Paris this year.

And a corpse vomitted blood on me the other day. it was more than disturbing.

"Life has no meaning a priori...It is up to you to give it a meaning, and value is nothing but the meaning that you choose." - J.P Sartre